What is a Sip and See?

Light drinks, yummy food, and a chance to meet a new baby? Count us in. Sip and Sees are the latest trend taking the parenting world by storm. Here’s everything you need to know about this baby shower alternative.

What is a Sip and See?

Unlike a baby shower, a Sip and See happens after the baby is born. The trend started in the southern United States but is starting to pop up all over the country. Guests are invited to come and “sip” on drinks while they “see” the baby. The event is usually low-key and relaxed. 

Who has one?

Sip and See events are great for those who want to celebrate their new addition and didn’t want or have a baby shower. Many parents choose to have a Sip and See in their hometown if they moved away. They’re a great option for parents who just gave birth to their second or third child and want to introduce them to close friends and family. Adoptive parents may prefer a Sip and See especially if the child is a little older. 

When do they happen?

Whenever mom and baby feel up to it! Most Sip and Sees happen between 2-8 weeks after birth. They usually occur at the new parents’ home as the new parents are the ones hosting the event. 

What do you serve?

Keep it light! Sweet refreshments like lemonade or punch work well for Sip and Sees. For food, try keeping it to small bites. You can’t go wrong with small sandwiches, fruit sides, and cookies. Remember, this is a casual event so no need to go over the top!

Do guests bring gifts?

Traditionally, gifts are not a part of a Sip and See. However, you’re still more than welcome to bring one if you’d like. A baby registry usually isn’t included on a Sip and See invitation.

Does everyone get to hold the baby?

This is entirely dependent on the mother and her comfort level. As with any new baby, people will want to get their fair share of cuddles in. This should be decided prior to the event so an announcement can be made whether or not the baby will be passed around. Of course, if you have a cold or feel sick, stay far way from the Sip and See!

Are they better than baby showers?

That’s like asking if you prefer grapes or bananas. Each event serves their own purpose but still give the new mom an opportunity to corral her friends and family. If you don’t want a baby shower but still want to introduce the new baby to everyone (while keeping it casual), a Sip and See might be the best for you. Plus, you don’t have to worry about unexpected visitors coming over to see the baby if they know there is an event dedicated to it. 

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