What we’re up to at Tinybeans HQ: August edition

August was a busy month for us between working on app improvements, getting our kids ready for school, and trying to soak up the end of summer (while our friends in Australia are just getting ready for it). Here’s what we were up to this month:

Ate all the food

The Tinybeans HQ  kitchen is stacked with the best snacks, but sometimes you have to expand your horizons. This month, we had a pizza party featuring chicken parm pizza (the Australians in the office were mystified at this combination) while others went out for milkshakes! 

But got our fitness on to make up for it

When it’s time for a pick-me-up, who needs coffee when you’ve got space for a plank? In case you were wondering, a 1 minute plank is the perfect way to break up your work day (at least that’s what we tell ourselves). Here are the New York and Sydney teams giving their best performances. 

Tried eco-friendly means of transportation

New York City has no shortage of transportation, but why not choose the one that doesn’t hurt Mother Nature? Check out Ula and Jeff as they opt for bikes when grabbing lunch! 

Swapped faces with each other

Warning: the image below may cause nightmares. If you’re fortunate to sit close to Ula, our Head of Happiness, you’ll know how much she loves swapping faces with you. We’re all patiently waiting to see the lucky one who is next…

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