What we’re up to at Tinybeans HQ: September edition

September was a busy month for us – we explored new volunteering opportunities, added a few new members to our team, and had our fair share of ice cream parties. Check out some of our favorite #TinybeansMoments from September:

Volunteered at Coalition for the Homeless in NYC

A few of our team members volunteered at Coalition for the Homeless Grand Central Food Program – an opportunity that allows volunteers to prepare and serve food to those in need. It was an emotional yet rewarding experience for all of us. We’re basically expert meal preppers at this point.

Had an epic Nintendo Switch party

We’re big fans of Nintendo Switch here at Tinybeans, so you’ll often find both the Sydney and NYC offices having Switch parties on Fridays at 5PM (or 1PM, but who’s looking?). Overcooked was the hottest game in the office for a while but we’re always open to trying new games! 

Went a little crazy for lunch

Don’t get me wrong, we love our homemade soups or Sweetgreen salads for lunch, but sometimes you have to live a little. This month, Jessica tried the donut-grilled-cheese-over-tomato-soup (yes, that is really a thing) while Stephen indulged in king crab. 

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