There are two things we know kids love—a good laugh and YouTube. We did a bit of research (for ourselves as much as you!) in order to find channels that provide kid-friendly content with tons of chuckles, and we’re pretty sure we hit the jackpot. From a family big on an adventure to a cooking show with laughs mixed in, here are our suggestions for the best funny YouTube channels for kids. 


Kids Fun TV
Recreate movies? Check! Solve mysteries? Check! Family competition? Check! This family is sure to make you laugh through all of their antics. This crew is known as the fun squad, and it’s easy to see why. They are big on an adventure with no shortage of funny skits and jokes!. On top of everything else, they sing, so be on the lookout for a music video here and there! 

Kids React
Do you know the tv show “kids say the darnedest things?” That might be one of the best ways to describe this channel. This is a weekly show where kids ages 5-14 watch and give their honest, off-the-cuff reaction to viral videos, jokes and more. It's no secret that kids are known for having no filter, and the results here are hilarious!

Nerdy Nummies
Rosanna Pansino is the delightful star of the Nerdy Nummies channel, a cooking show where she makes delicious desserts. Many of her goodies are based on cartoon characters or toys, so it's no surprise that kids LOVE her! She makes baking masterpieces fun while making it seem totally doable at home. She’s funny, creative and bakes treats that are #goals! What’s not to love?

Eli’s Fun World
Nine-year-old Eli and his mom team up to share his Fun World, and they are always game for a good time. Follow along as Eli takes his first ride on a dirt bike, “moves out” of the house or the one where he transforms into Bruno Mars—vocals included. They also love a good challenge like the last one out of the hot tub gets $1000! Yes, $1000. 

Michael Morse via Pexels

Cali’s Playhouse
Let the funny shenanigans begin! Seven-year-old Cali and her little sister are adorable, unpredictable and funny. They have all kinds of adventures and pranks, like the one when Cali showed her Dad her newly pierced belly button! They also don’t shy away from challenges; you have to see the one that every kid would like to try—Cali switching places with her mom for 24 hours!

HiHo Kids
This channel is full of amusing videos of kids meeting people with unique backgrounds, playing games and trying unusual foods. As you can imagine, kids unscripted equals funny! It’s great to see kids flex their curiosity and learn about differences in a lighthearted and funny way. 

Ryan’s World
Ryan's World is a hugely popular and funny YouTube channel for small kids. It features Ryan Kaji with his parents and twin sisters. Their channel is full of skits, challenges and crafts. Ryan has become a huge star on and off YouTube, so your kids probably know exactly who he is. He even has his own line of toys and shoes!

—Camesha Gosha

Featured image: Ketut Subiyato via Pexels


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