Oh, Baby! Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Family & Friends

Sharing the news that you’re pregnant calls for some creativity. Check out these fun ways to tell your partner, besties, grandparents-to-be and social media about your big announcement.

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Your Partner

Say It with Style
Whether you had an "oops" or have been trying for years, telling your partner that you are expecting can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. If you don't trust yourself to tell your partner without crying or screaming in excitement, buy a pair of "Mommy and Daddy" shirts or mugs. We like this Mama Bear + Papa Bear mug set from Chalk Full of Love. YETI tumblers or coffee mugs are another great choice that will last. These will also be nice mementos to have as your child grows. 

Sidekick on the Way
Surprise your partner with a matching shirt and onesie to wear after the baby is born. If your partner has a special interest, get them a pair in a theme, like Batman and Robin. Or, leave no room for doubt about your roles with First Time Mom and First Time Dad shirts from PatPat. Grab a matching First Steps romper for your birth announcement that will double as a cute outfit once baby is born. 

Some expectant moms want to catch their partner's reaction to the big news on camera. A professional photo shoot isn't necessary, but it can be fun to ask your partner to close his eyes then show him a chalkboard with the news "You're Going to Be a Daddy (again)!" while you have your camera rolling or are snapping away with your phone. Your partner's reaction will likely be priceless whether they are stunned, relieved, overjoyed or all three. Some moms-to-be get the video on the phone rolling and then lead their partner into a room with the big news displayed on a banner or posterboard. The video or photo can double as a pregnancy announcement on social media. Another fun way to surprise your partner is to whip out an ultrasound photo and wait for a reaction. 

All Kinds of Families

Some parents-to-be want to celebrate the role of surrogacy in becoming parents. Including a surrogate in a pregnancy announcement is a great way to honor the role someone else played in the creation of your family. Be creative and light-hearted by announcing "My Bun, Her Oven" or "No Bump but so Pumped!" like Alexandra French did on her Instagram account, @alexandrafrenchrealty; see image above.

Parents planning to adopt can share their news by letting the world know they were chosen to be the parents of a special little one. If travel is involved, share photos of the state or country where you will be going to meet your child with their expected date of arrival.

Single Parent
If you feel like traditional pregnancy announcements don't work for you, try these: For a first child, share a letterboard that states "Mommy Is Excited to Meet Me" with a due date. If you already have a child, have them announce that they are ready to be a big sister or brother. Some creative captions you could include are "And Then There Were Two" or "Best Oops Ever." 

Same-Sex Parents
Same-sex parents may want to celebrate that their baby will have two mommies or daddies. Highlight your rainbow family by including "Love Makes a Family" or sharing a photo of a onesie that says "My Mommies Love Me."

Pregnancy After Struggle

Some pregnancies go exactly as planned. Others happen a little differently. Pregnancies that come after a loss or through IVF can be celebrated with their own unique twist.

Pregnancy After Loss
Many parents of rainbow babies (babies born after a loss) like to honor the little one they lost when announcing their new arrival. This can be as subtle as incorporating a rainbow into a pregnancy announcement. Some parents also include a note thanking everyone who supported them through their difficult loss.

Pregnancy through Science
Whether you share how you got pregnant is a personal decision. Some parents may choose to keep their use of assistive reproductive technology to themselves, while others publicly acknowledge the role of science in helping them become parents. You can tell the world how your baby came to be with a photo of a onesie stating "Made with a Little Love and a Little Science." Another way to highlight the role of science in a pregnancy announcement is to surround an ultrasound photo with syringes arranged in the shape of a heart.   

Your Best Friends

Serve Pregnancy Delights
Telling your best friends you are pregnant should be an event! Invite them over for a girl's night and watch their reaction when you serve them pickles and ice cream. Have some (non-alcoholic) bubbly on hand to celebrate once they figure out why you've served them such an odd feast. Another fun option is to order custom cookies like these adorable treats from @betsys_cookie_co, above.

Skip the Cocktails
If you regularly go out for drinks with the girls or have a cocktail with dinner, changing your routine may raise some eyebrows. Be prepared with an epic mocktail order and let your friends know that will be your regular drink for the next nine months. 

An Interesting Fact
Once you are ready to spill the beans, tell your friends you want to show them something on your phone. Instead of pulling up another selfie, show them your pregnancy tracker app. Wait a moment for them to figure out what's going on, and then get ready for some massive hugs. 

This post is sponsored by Maxi-Cosi and the Tayla XP Travel System—the game-changing infant travel system equipped with all-wheel suspension, a 360° MaxShade mesh privacy shade and a removable lightweight carrier. 

Tell Your Parents

Gift with a Message
Many grandparents love spoiling their grandchildren with presents. Gifts are also a great way to let your parents know about the big changes coming. Surprise your parents with a set of "Grandma" and "Grandpa" mugs. Or, watch their surprise as they unwrap a onesie that says "I'd Rather Be at Grandma's." Check out more awesome grandparent messages you can get from @fabricatedkeepsakes above.

Mother's Day Surprise
If the timing is feasible, wait until Mother's Day or Father's Day to spring the news. If the baby you are announcing will be the first grandchild, buy a card meant for a grandmother or grandfather. Watch the grandparent-to-be's face as they work out why they got such a card! If the baby you are announcing is not the first grandchild, hide an ultrasound photo in a mother's day card and then have fun explaining when their special gift is due!

Sibling Secret
If an older sibling is in the picture, let the big sibling-to-be share the news! Dress your older child in a "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" shirt for a visit or video call with their grandparents. Or, enlist your older child to make a big show of telling their grandparents the secret. Your older child will be thrilled to be a part of the big reveal.

Social Media

Social media is a low-effort way to spread the good news far and wide, and you'll want an eye-catching photo to stand out.

Movie Poster
Even if you have limited photo-editing skills, you can come up with a unique and creative pregnancy announcement with a movie poster theme. Take a photo and then choose a tagline like "Meet the Parents" or "What's One More?" Incorporate your due date by typing "Coming This May" or "The Adventure Begins This December" at the bottom. If you don't trust your Photoshop skills, choose a customizable template from Etsy.

Say It with Balloons
Social media is largely a visual medium, and not everyone reads the captions, so get creative with balloons that say it all. A foolproof way to get your news out is to use Mylar letter balloons that spell out "baby!" Enlist a friend to take a photo of you and your partner holding the balloons. If there is a sibling-to-be, include them! If you wait until you have at least a little baby bump, announcing your pregnancy by standing in profile in front of a bunch of balloons will help accentuate your beautiful belly and create a celebratory mood. 

Plan Monthly Updates
Social media is a great way to keep family and friends updated about your pregnancy. Many pregnancy trackers compare your baby to the size of a fruit every week. Share your news by letting your followers know your baby is currently the size of a poppy seed, bean or lemon. Keep up the theme every time you post pregnancy news. 

This post is sponsored by Maxi-Cosi and the Tayla XP Travel System—the game-changing infant travel system equipped with all-wheel suspension, a 360° MaxShade mesh privacy shade and a removable lightweight carrier. 

—Jamie Davis Smith

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