10 Products & Services All New Parents Should Know About

No parent ever reaches their child’s first birthday and says, Wow, that was easy! Babies are a joy, but this parenting thing is no joke. While you bond with your babe, here are 10 genius products and services that will make your life together easier. You’re welcome!

1. Supportive pillow for breastfeeding and bottlefeeding
Feeding a baby, whether by breast or bottle, looks so much easier in the movies. Holding baby at the right angle for reducing gas or reflux may not be the most comfortable for your arm. That’s why we love the Milk Boss Infant Feeding Pillow. This ingenious pillow positions baby at the correct angle and offers them a cozy spot for post-feeding burps. Its firm texture and cool interior feels good on your arm, and its petite size means you can take it on trips and daily outings.

Available at itzyritzy.com, $24.99.

2. A stair barrier for every staircase
Some staircases just weren’t designed for traditional baby gates. The Stair Barrier solves that problem by using straps and dual-sided buckles to attach to staircases up to 100” wide, even ones that have funky angles. Whether you’re attaching it banister to banister or banister to wall, it’s quick to install with the included instructions and requires no drilling to banisters (minimal drilling to the wall side, if you’re going banister to wall). The barrier is retractable (no awkward stepping over it), and it comes in a range of elegant fabrics. It also rolls up like a yoga mat so you can bring it to grandma’s house.

Available at thestairbarrier.com, $129-$169 depending on fabric.

3. Bulk items delivered to your door
Babies need lots of stuff, but they make it so hard to leave the house and buy it. So, imagine if Costco and Amazon had a baby. That’s Boxed.com. You can purchase bulk items (including lots of baby stuff) on your phone or through the website at reasonable prices and have them delivered to your door. Shop the site with no membership fee, or upgrade to the new loyalty program, Boxed Up, where, for $49 a year, you get free priority shipping, price-matching and other perks like special promotions.

Learn more at boxed.com.

photo: mariagarzon via Pixabay

4. Breastmilk shipped home from your travels
Working moms love Milk Stork, a service that lets you mail home breastmilk from anywhere in the United States. The company also offers TSA-approved carry-on totes if you prefer to fly home with the milk yourself. No more pumping and dumping on work trips. No need to stress about how you’ll bring home milk on the plane. With Milk Stork’s delivery service, you receive a cooler at your hotel so you can pump in the privacy of your hotel room. Mail the pre-labeled, postage-paid package and receive shipping notifications via email so you’ll know when the milk has arrived.

Learn more at milkstork.com.

5. Spill-proof cups
Our little scientists love to throw, bang and knock over their cups, so a leak-proof, spill-proof cup really has to live up to its name. This one does. The NUK Everlast 360 cup (above, $7.99, holds 10 ounces) has a twist-on lid with reinforced double seals. Listen for the click and you’ll know it’s sealed. The lid allows your child to drink from any edge and seals up tight when they’ve stopped drinking. It’s great for travel, everyday outings or keeping in the crib to quench a sleepytime thirst.

6. Engaging educational toys that grow with your child
Not sure what toys to buy for your child, and when to buy them? With the Monti Kids subscription service, you receive shipments of high-quality, developmentally appropriate toys every three months. The toys are introduced in a specific sequence so babies can apply what they’ve learned from one toy to the next. You’ll know these toys are building your baby’s language, motor, cognitive and social skills and fostering their creativity and problem-solving ability; your baby will just know the toys are fun to play with.

Available at montikids.com, $297, billed quarterly.

7. Organized pouches for all of baby’s needs
Diaper bags quickly turn into black holes where you can never find anything. The Easy Baby Travelers starter set comes in 4 different colors or patterns and are marked with the contents: Dress Me, Change Me and Feed Me (there are two in a set, one insulated to keep bottles and snacks chilled). These clever pouches turn any bag into a diaper bag and let you bring only what you need when you’re on the go.

Available at easybabytravelers.com, $65 for a set of four.

8. A baby seat to keep your child supported and cozy
Playmats are great, but sometimes babies want to see the world from an upright position, and this infant chair gives them 360 degrees of support when they do. Designed for babies 3-11 months who can hold their head up, the Hugaboo Baby Seat lets your little one explore their surroundings from a safe seated position. The leg and back support prevents tipping forward or sliding out, and two toy attachments means even more entertainment. Added bonus: It’s machine-washable.

Available at hugaboo.myshopify.com, $59.

9. Remote control bottle warmer
Say the words “remote control bottle warmer” to a new mom and watch her face light up. Anyone who has fumbled through a middle-of-the-night feeding knows that simplifying the bottle-warming step is a game-changer. Your baby will get a warm bottle faster, and you buy yourself a few more minutes to snooze or take care of a diaper change. The First Years’ 4-in-1 Remote Control Bottle Warmer also heats baby food jars.

Available at thefirstyears.com, $74.99.

10. A teething scarf for comfort with chic style
Teething toys can easily get lost in your bag or dropped on a dirty floor. The Boppy Teething Scarf sneaks a food-grade silicone teether onto a stylish infinity scarf you’ll wear long after baby has all their chompers. Handy for travel and running errands, this machine-washable scarf also protects your outfit from the drool that comes along with teething. Available in four colors/patterns: gray-and-white stripes, solid blush pink, heathered black and gray, and white with black circles and squares.

Available at shop.boppy.com, $20.

Which one of these is top on your list? Let us know below.

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