Meet the First-Ever Baby Monitor to Integrate with Amazon’s Alexa

When it comes to baby’s well-being—and your sanity—it helps to tap into technology to make new parenthood a bit easier. The app that tracks baby’s eating habits? Love it! The remote-controlled white-noise machine that helps baby sleep? Can’t live without! Now, thanks to Project Nursery’s new Smart Baby Monitor System—the first ever to integrate with Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS)—you have one more tool that’ll help give you more peace of mind as a new mom. Read on to discover why this baby monitor is a game changer.

The Scoop
You’re likely used to the video monitor and handheld device combo that keeps tabs on baby when you’re not in the same room. Project Nursery’s new Smart Baby Monitor System takes the traditional monitor to the next level in a cutting-edge way we haven’t seen before.

The system comes with a Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera you put in the nursery and an Alexa Smart Speaker, which you can place anywhere in your home and move around to whatever room you happen to be in. Both pair with the Project Nursery app so you’re always plugged into what baby is doing and feeling.

When paired with Alexa, this new monitor creates a system that allows parents to control the nursery’s ecosystem, track baby’s activities, and ask questions of Alexa that receive an immediate response. Alexa boasts 70 baby-focused skills and 10,000 general skills, so you can tell Alexa anything from “play a lullaby,” to “check the room temperature in the nursery” to “record a video” to “tilt the camera more to the right.” This means you no longer have to peek into the nursery and disturb baby to change the camera angle or pick up your phone and open a search browser to ask a question. It’s all effortless, voice-powered and completely hands-free.

What Else Can It Do?
Beyond keeping tabs on baby in a safe and effective way, this system offers other valuable benefits for new parents, who can:

  • Use Alexa to get answers to everyday parenting questions like, When should I start sleep-training baby? or At what age do babies start eating solid foods?
  • Order or reorder essentials like diapers and wipes from Amazon because, let’s be honest, running to the store right now with a sleeping baby is not an option.
  • See, and talk to, baby at night. The monitor includes infrared night vision and two-way talking.
  • Ask Alexa to adjust the camera angle. The camera can pan, tilt and zoom for ideal remote viewing.
  • Ask Alexa to play nature sounds, lullabies and white noise directly from the camera to help exhausted parents fall asleep.
  • Tap into Spotify, Pandora or Amazon to listen to your favorite podcasts mid-feeding because you just don’t want to move a muscle.
  • Ask Alexa to create reminders about that pediatrician appointment or to check the boiling pasta water in 10 minutes.

The Details
The Smart Baby Monitor System is available in February 2018 for $229 at Already have an Alexa? The HD Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera will be sold separately for $149.


Would you use a smart baby-monitor system? Tell us what you think of this brand-new one by leaving a comment below!

Copy by Erin Lem; photos courtesy of Project Nursery



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