Here’s Why You Should Shop at Target on Thursdays Right Now

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Even when it seems like you might shop there every other day, we bet you’ve asked yourself at least once or twice, “When is the best day to shop at Target?” Some days you just can’t skip the long lines, but there are totally some days that’ll save you more money than others. So, when’s the best day for your Target run? Answer: It totally depends!

If you’re into saving money (and really, who isn’t?), the duo behind the @targetdoesitagain are Instagrammers who you NEED to follow. Jen Coleman and Laura Wiertzema are full-time IG Target shoppers. These deal-finders dished to TIME, sharing which days Target employees say are the best for finding super-sale prices.

If you’re already thinking about shopping for the holidays, Thursdays are definitely the day to make your Target run when it comes to toys—but check out below how you can save every day of the week.

photo: Target

Mondays: Kids' Clothes

The kids never really stop growing, do they—which means stocking up on kids clothes to keep up with their growth spurts is a must. Instead of paying full price , head to Target on Mondays—at least, according to Coleman and Wiertzema. With Halloween right around the corner, check out Cat & Jack's Halloween collection. Not only is it spooky-cute, it's all under $25! 

photo: Target

Tuesdays: Women's Clothes

If you'd rather spurge on yourself while still saving big, Tuesdays are the day for women's clothing markdowns. What's hot in clothing picks for mamas right now? Target's Vital Voices collection is stylish and makes a statement! 

Reportedly, you can also get pretty rad deals on pet items, too.

photo: Target

Wednesday: Health & Men's

Wednesdays at Target bring you markdowns on health items and men's clothes. Target's new Smartly line has everyday essentials amazingly low prices to keep you stocked up on the regular. Get everything from shaving cream to hand soap—and just about anything in between.

photo: Antsy Pants

Thursdays: ALL THE TOYS

Thursday's price reductions typically include housewares, toys (yay!) and shoes. Like we mentioned above, if you're already starting your holiday shopping, check out 2018's hottest toys, according to Target—and be sure to swing by to pick them out on a Thursday to save the most!

Fridays: Beauty

Friday is the best day to score cosmetics markdowns at Target. That means you can get your fave makeup at a lower price (cross your fingers that they'll markdown exactly what you love). Whether you need a new concealer to hide those dark circles from a long night up with your baby or a sparkly new eyeshadow for a (rare) night out, this day is all for you. Oh, and you might even score a cute, cool collab—like this sweet Target x Disney beauty line. 

So what happens if you miss one of these markdown days? Don’t despair. Coleman told TIME, “If there’s something you have your eye on and you want to save money, of you can be patient, you can find it.”

Hmm. Patience? We’ll have to see about that.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Target



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