14 Best Holiday Gifts for 1-Year-Olds

Hape DJ Mix Spin Studio Musical Toy FI

A ball pit, jack-in-the-box, puzzles, balance bike, and bath toys. And anything CoComelon. These are the holiday gifts for one-year-olds that will quickly become favorites.

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Red & Olive Handmade Baby Animal Dolls


Handmade by artisans in Peru, these 7-inch baby animals fit just right in tiny hands. Choose your child's favorite wild thing: lion, bat, bear, bunny, cat, fox, or skunk. Or better yet, get four for the price of three.

stacking stars toy set Mushie

Mushie Nesting Stars Toy


Hand-eye coordination and the element of surprise make these star-shaped nesting boxes a winner as holiday gifts for one-year-olds. Stack them, stash them, or fill them with treasures. Set contains five stars.

Hape First Ride balance bike

Hape First Ride Balance Bike


This lightweight (3.5 pounds) aluminum bike makes the perfect first ride. It's easy for kids to maneuver and for parents to tote around. Comes in light green, pink, and blue.

Kids Preferred Nutbrown Hare Jack-in-the-Box

Kids Preferred Nutbrown Hare Jack-in-the-Box


Guess how much your baby will love it when Little Nutbrown Hare pops out of this jack-in-the-box? The classic song, "Pop Goes the Weasel," plays when you turn the crank.

Manhattan Toy Celestial Star Explorer

Manhattan Toy Company Celestial Star Explorer Wooden Activity Center

$157.50 BUY NOW

The sky's the limit with all the things you can do with this wooden activity center. Three playing levels and activities all the way around mean friends can join in to explore the bead runs, spinners, and gliders.

wooden shape and color recognition puzzle Gybber & Mumu

Gybber & Mumu Wooden Colorful Shape Puzzle


Use this sturdy wooden puzzle to teach shapes and colors while kids figure out which piece goes where. Puzzles like this one top the list of the best educational holiday gifts for one-year-olds.

Ahimsa Circle Trio of Snack Containers


Stainless-steel snack containers don't retain odors and won't break when your child bangs them around. This trio contains 1 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1/3 cup containers. They nest inside one another to save cabinet space and are dishwasher-safe.

CoComelon Ultimate Learning Bus holiday gifts for one-year-olds

Just Play CoComelon Ultimate Learning Bus


Kids can push the CoComelon bus or sit and explore all its cool features. In music mode, you'll hear songs like "Wheels on the Bus." Switch to learning mode to practice counting and ABCs.

Coco Village bath toy organizer set

Coco Village Bath Toy Organizer Set


Boats and cups are big hits in the bath (and in kiddie pools during the summer). These are stackable, and the included storage net has a wide opening so kids can help put them away.

iPlay, iLearn Monster Truck Toy Set


Get ready for the action with this set of three monster trucks. The leopard, bull, and gator are friction-powered, so no batteries needed. Just pull back, push, and let 'em go.

TenFans Busy Board

TenFans Busy Board Montessori Toy


Busy boards make awesome holiday gifts for one-year-olds. They're handy for long waits, road trips, and plane rides. This Montessori-inspired board teaches 18 life skills, like snapping, buttoning, buckling, and tying shoelaces.

Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio Musical Toy holiday gifts for one-year-olds

Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio Musical Toy


Get the party started with this DJ studio, featuring record-scratching effects, five different instrument sounds, and 18 sound effects. Push a button to play background tunes your child can make their own.

Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent


You won't mind the bright colors as much when you see how well this tent keeps balls contained instead of careening all around the room. Keep kids contained in it, too, or roll up the door so they can climb in and out.

Plop Plop natural color bubble bath

Natural Color Bubble Bath from Plop Plop


Made from organic plant extracts, this bubble bath turns bathtime into party time. Choose from blue, purple, green, or yellow.


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