When it comes holiday gifts, IKEA is a one-stop-shop, and really, who doesn’t need that in their life during the holidays? From toys and IKEA furniture to interior design decor, there’s a unique gift idea for everyone in your life. We’ve curated our top picks for Christmas gift ideas, you’ll find treasures for kids, foodies, plant lovers and more. Keep reading to see the list—Santa would approve. 

For Kids

JÄTTELIK Soft Dinosaur Toys

Whether your kiddo wants a triceratops, or is more of a brontosaurus kind of kid, this new line of dinosaur toys will be their new old best friend in no time. 

Comes in triceratops, velociraptor, brontosaurus and stegosaurus. $6/each

Play Kitchen

A love of food begins at an early age, especially if someone else in the family likes to cook. Get your little one set up with a kitchen space of his very own. This set comes with curtains, so from puppet shows to playing restaurant, the possibilities for pretend play are endless. We also love the chalkboard for writing down the daily specials!

Buy it here, $60.


And speaking of pretend play, these perfect little felt cinnamon rolls will hit the spot, especially when served hot out of the SPISIG play kitchen's oven! 

Buy them for $8 here

Pizza-Making Play Set

Complement his new kitchen with a soft pizza set. Kids can add toppings, toss and "eat" to their heart's desire. It comes with 24 pieces, including sauce, cheese, arugula, pepperoni and more.

Buy one here, $10.

MÅLA Framed Drawing Boards


Go next-level with that refrigerator art and make it wall-worthy with framed drawing boards. Buy them here, $2.

Paper Roll Holder

For artists of any age, having paper at the ready is a must. We like this paper roll holder for its simple design and that kids as young as three can easily use it. 

Buy it here, $8.

Buy a roll of paper here, $4.

MÅLA Felt Tip Pen


Refresh that supply of dried-out pens with this set of 24. Buy it here, $3.

Wacky Puzzle

A puzzle is a puzzle, but this one will throw you for a loop. Not only are the details teeny tiny, but the puzzle pieces come in different sizes. How's that for family night? Best for ages six and up, it comes with 23 large, 88 medium and 100 small pieces. 

Buy it here, $7.


This brightly colored abacus will help your toddler learn her numbers and colors, plus it helps to develop fine motor skills. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, it's a great looking toy that'll stand the test of time.

Grab it here, $10.

SOLBO Owl Lamp

Another way to help your kids find their way to dreamland is to set up a soothing night light. This adorable owl light is six inches tall, has an LED light, and can be used as room decor during daylight hours.

Buy one here, $17.

FLISAT Storage Bin

Get your kids involved in the clean up early in the game by making it fun. Not only is this storage bin equipped with wheels for easy moving, but its charming style will also feel like a toy in itself. 

Snag one here, $30.

URSKOG Panda Pillow

Because who doesn't need an adorable panda pillow? Dimensions are 20 x 20"

Buy it here, $10.

Paintable Masks

Do you need a party activity/favor? Are your kids in need of props for the play they're writing? IKEA can help you with that. These paintable masks come in human and dog form are waiting for your kids' creative minds. 

Buy it here, $5. 

LILLABO Battery-Operated Locomotive

The little engine that could is the latest addition to the LILLABOO train swag and is compatible with the wooden tracks IKEA has sold for years. 

Get one here for $8. 

UPPTÅG Cushion

For your vehicle-loving kid, this bright and cheery bus cushion is just the ticket. Dimensions are 18"x11."

Buy one here, $10.

SNUTTIG Stuffed Polar Bear

IKEA seems to manage to produce some of the snuggliest creatures around—from woodland foxes to petite pigs, and now they've introduced a polar bear into the mix. 

Buy it here, $15. 


Back-to-school desks just got brighter! Illuminate their study space or maybe just use it as a night light; either way, this pencil-like lamp will look sharp.

$25, get one here

LEKA Baby Gym

These colorful toys help baby develop hand and eye coordination. 

Buy it here, $30.

Velcro Tag Game

Finally, it’s okay for your kids to throw stuff at each other. This tag-like game is designed for two players and comes with two velcro vests and felt balls that kids can belt at one another. This could be the solution to all those sibling squabbles, amirite? Recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

Buy it here, $18.

For Foodies

BLANDA MATT Serving Bowl

A foodie can never have too many serving bowls! This 8" bamboo version is ideal for everything from salad to pasta.

Buy it here, $10.

PEPPRIG Microfiber Cloth


Fun colors will brighten the home with this pack of dish clothes. 

Find yours here, $2 for a 3-pack.

Knife Sharpener

For the adult foodie at home, a knife sharpener is key. Although this might seem like a ho-hum gift, real cooks know that a sharp knife is a must. There are three slots for fine, medium or coarse sharpening.

Buy it here, $12.99.

For Design Aficionados



This pack of 6x4 cards is a perfect gift for a botanically-inclined relative or friend. 

Buy them here, $2 for 4. 

Red & White Swivel Chair

A gift for kids and design-savvy parents alike, this dome-shaped swivel chair gives kids a quiet place to chill and gives parents the gift of kids' furniture that doesn't look like kids' furniture. 

Buy it here, $70. 

For Plant Lovers

SJÄLSLIGT Decorative Cactus Set


A decorative cactus set for the bookshelf, no watering required.

Buy them here. Set of 3, $15

INVÄNDIG Artificial Terrarium Dome


For that spot where things just won't grow but you need a little chic greenery anyway.  

Get one here, $6.

Live Plant Set

A set of live snake plants is perfect for anyone with a green thumb. Each one comes in its own pastel-hued pot. 

Buy the set here, $7.

Ivory and Gold Watering Can

Say goodbye to ugly plastic watering cans and say hello to this chic one instead. We love the fact that it's made of galvanized metal to prevent rusting and that you can leave it out after your chores are done! 

Buy it here, $10. 

Fern & Flowers Decal

Bring the indoors in with this charming decal set that will appeal to kids and adults alike. 

Buy it here, $10.

SOCKER Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse

The whole family can enjoy this indoor/outdoor greenhouse! Use it to start seedlings, grow herbs, or use as live decor. 

Buy it here, $20.

For Techies

MÖJLIGHET Headset & Tablet Holder

For more desktop organization, try this bold headset and tablet holder. It easily transports gadgets from one spot in the room to another. Recommended for kids ages 6 years and older.

Buy it here, $4.

MÖJLIGHET WiFi Bookshelf Speaker

This slim speaker offers a rich sound without taking up a lot of space. Stream music via WiFi capabilities, and what's even cooler, you can control each speaker individually, so you can stream music in one room while the kids listen to an audiobook in another. 

Buy a set here, $99 each. 

NORDMÄRKE Triple Charger

Your smart device command center will be chic when you upgrade to this triple charger station. Designed with cork and white trim, it's a minimalist look that means no more tangled cords. Works with Apple® iPhone 8 and Samsung® Galaxy S6 or newer models.

Buy it here, $40. 

—Gabby Cullen & Amber Guetebier

Images courtesy IKEA

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, all items were available for purchase. 



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