While most products that make parenting easier cost a pretty penny, these IKEA originals won’t break that bank. In fact, $15 is all you need to reimagine the way you organize, play and even reduce your carbon footprint. Keep scrolling for our innovative finds.

USB Charger

Settle the chord wars once and for all with IKEA’s USB charger. You can charge up to three devices at once on this stylish little unit.


Mesh Bags

Rock the reusable bag thing when you replace single-use produce bags with this mesh alternative.

Ice Pop Makers

Fill these ice pop makers with the fresh fruits of summer for a healthier popsicle option.


Customizable Pegboard

Choose your space and get it organized using the Skadis pegboard as a base. Then add coordinating hooks, cords and containers to design exactly what you need where you need it.


Tabletop Paper Holder

Turn any table into a blank canvas for your kiddo with IKEA’s tabletop paper holder. Pair it with this paper roll and still come in under budget.


Bed Pocket

Say bye to your kid’s typical bedtime cast-offs littering the floor. With this handy bed pocket, they can tuck books, bottles, and tablets safely at their side, right before the sandman visits.


Hanging Wire Basket

Stop with the stacking and get with the hanging when you use this wire basket to create useable space under shelving. Efficiency looks good on you.


Tablet Stand

Whether you need to prop your tablet to read a recipe in the kitchen or YouTube a quick home improvement hack in the bedroom, this tablet stand can help. Take it anywhere you need your tech.


Chalkboard Labels

Divvy up these four sheets of blackboard labels between your pantry, cupboard and fridge for ultimate stylish organization. The easy-wipe surface means you can change the label as often as you change the container’s contents.


Kids Knife & Peeler

Encourage kids to cook alongside the master chef with this knife and peeler set that’s specifically designed for pint-sized hands. Pair it with this cute chef set to complete the look.


Play Rug

The perfect rug for any play space, kids will spend hours vroom-vroom-vrooming along the roads and railways of this one. Anytime, anyplace.


Drawer Organizer

Tackle your sock drawer woes with these organizers that help sort clothes into easy-to-manage compartments. Now your kiddo can find exactly what she’s looking for.


Changing Table Baskets

Consider this set of four baskets and hooks your best blowout management tool. They keep your changing table needs close at hand.


Play Tent

Instant imagination is what this pop-up tent offers your littles. Need a fort? A shop? A comfy place to read? Simply pop and play. Add a matching play tunnel for twice the fun.


Suction Lids

Sayonara plastic wrap. These silicone rubber lids use suction to seal your leftovers for longer storage. Less waste, times two.


Hoop Door Hamper

Throwing clothes in a hamper is such a chore. But throwing them into a basketball hoop is an incentive. Hang this over the door to turn clothes clean-up into a win-win for everyone.


Under-Bed Storage Box

Pile your favorite play-ables into this convenient storage box. Then slide it under the bed to complete that tidy room look.


Kid’s Chair

Your kiddo needs her own special seat, and at this price, you can buy one for her and a friend, guilt free.


French Press

Use this single-serve French press to fuel your parenting world one bold brew at a time. After all, sleep is overrated.


Tool Kit

Rumor has it, Chip and Joanna Gaines started with this exact set of 17 tools. A must-have for simple household projects, like attaching safety latches and baby gates.


Magnetic Board

Organize your family’s schedule, create a changeable IRL pic collage or just “cute up” a space with this mountable magnetic board.


Potted Succulents

Your kids are thriving, but your plants … not so much. Add a few artificial succulents to your décor with this coordinated three-pack. No watering required.


Clothes Rack

Whether you use it to organize dress-up clothes or park it in your laundry room to mitigate ironing needs, this clothes rack is a household helper.


Bag Clips

This set of 30 clips is as versatile as it is colorful. Use them in lieu of twist ties in the kitchen or clip cords together in the office. Whenever you need a cinch, these will do the trick.


Stackable Recycling Bins

Whatever you use these stackable bins for, they save on space when it’s at a premium.


Activity Book

Throw this IKEA activity book into your diaper bag or car. Then pull out this colorful distraction on road trips or long restaurant waits. It’s a simple solution to an age-old problem.


Hanging Rack

Whether you’ve got baseball caps or dress-up get-ups piling up, this colorful rack will help keep your kiddo’s playthings organized.


—Allison Sutcliffe



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