16 IKEA Organization Hacks You Need in Your Life

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If you think organizing your home is complicated and expensive, think again! With a little help from our favorite IKEA hacks you can use their popular selection of containers, furniture and cube organizers to keep your home in order without going overboard on the budget. Scroll down to check out our favorite IKEA hacks to help your fam get organized today.

Light-Up Table

Make your kids’ activities even more fun with an awesome light-up table. IKEA’s classic LATT table can become a unique addition to the play area with LED lights, acrylic sheets and glass finish spray for a funky glow they’ll love. Check out Hobby Mommy Creations to learn more.

Mail Holders

Mail is one of the most painful things to organize, but with this hack from Jules of IKEA Hackers, it doesn’t have to be. One of her coolest IKEA transformations takes a TOSTERUP from a door handle to a mail holder. All you need are the door handles and Sugru, an awesome moldable glue, and you’ll be ready to tackle all that mail clutter.

Lego Table

Okay, let’s be honest, LEGO are every parent’s worst nightmare when it comes to organization, but with this hack, IKEA’s got you covered. With a little elbow grease, you can create a custom LEGO table with a couple of TROFAST shelf systems, LEGO base plates, brackets, glue and tape. Visit Frugal Fun 4 Boys to see how it all comes together.

Picture Ledge Library

Don’t have enough room for a bookshelf, but still want to create a mini library from your little ones? Try using IKEA’s RIBBA picture ledges. They allow you to stack books vertically and lean them against the wall for a more open concept storage solution. Take a peek at Project Nursery’s version for inspiration.

Custom Cork Board

With a little help from Betty at Oh Everything Handmade, you can make your own custom cork board in a snap. Grab budget-friendly IKEA cork rounds and a fun combo of acrylic paint colors to create a wall feature that helps you stay organized and gives you a way to display some fab family photos.  

Reading Nook

Help your kiddos get excited about reading by creating a custom reading nook (no construction permits required). By using the area under the lofted KURA bed, adding curtains, and putting a comfy chair and strings of lights inside, your little readers are going to love their sweet getaway.

Movable Work Station

Whether you need an office or your kids need a homework area, having a portable workspace could give you all kinds of storage options. Follow this super helpful tutorial from Diane of In My Own Style to see how a basic dresser can become a versatile rolling workspace. We’re not going to lie, transforming this dresser will take a little extra elbow grease, but the results are sure to impress.

Bookshelf Mudroom Lockers

Whether you have a mudroom, or just have a bit of extra space in your entry, Melissa from Polkadot Chair has a hack that will revolutionize your storage life. Using the Billy bookcase, you can actually create lockers for everyone’s coats, bags, shoes and more.

Bed Slats

Your bed slats are so much more than support for your bed. Use this awesome idea from Kristina of Ich Designer to make an amazing wall storage space for your fam. Hang baskets, magazines, notebooks and more to get your everyday must-haves out of the way.

Drawer Dividers

If you’re looking for IKEA hacks that are simple, drawer dividers are perfect. They require almost no assembly and can help you organize piles of laundry in a snap.

Bookcase Dollhouse

The multifunctional Billy bookcase can also be transformed into an adorable dollhouse, which is perfect if you’re looking to update your kiddos' play space. Head over to DIY Village for all the details!

Carseat Organizer

When you’re traveling with kiddos, it’s important to have everything at your fingertips. This car seat organizer from IKEA Hackers will allow your little ones to have some of their favorite things on every car trip. From iPads to colored pencils, this organizer is a game changer.

Shoe Rack as Paper Storage

What makes IKEA storage products so genius is their ability to capitalize on the tiniest of spaces. Whether you’re looking to store paperwork in your office or toilet paper in your bathroom, check out how Cori of Hey Let’s Makes Stuff expertly transforms this Tornes shoe organizer into a versatile storage system that fits anywhere.

Bookcase Shoe Storage

Organizing shoes in an easy and accessible way is every mom’s ultimate storage nightmare. But, not anymore. All you really need is a Billy bookshelf and you can make your very own shoe organization system without the fuss. See how fashion blogger Tatiana makes it work here

Magnetic Car Organizers

We promise, once you check out this awesome hack, you won’t be stepping on any more toy cars. Follow this tutorial and discover how easy it is to make magnetic strips to hold for your kiddies planes, trains and automobiles.

Rolling Under Bed Storage

Under your bed doesn’t have to be wasted storage space. Transform it with a helping hand from Faith at Curbly. Believe it or not, her amazing under the bed storage boxes are actually made of frames! Check out her tutorial to get started.

—Natasha Davis



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