The 10 Best Viral Parenting Hacks That Changed Our Lives This Year

They say it takes a village to raise a child and we couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re scouring the internet for tips on picky eaters or asking friends for advice on taming tantrums, we can all use a little help from our friends and fellow parents.

Parents showed up in a big way throughout 2018 with tons of viral parenting hacks—and we’ve got the top 10 right here.

Most Brilliant Parenting Hack Ever

Jelly via Pixabay

When mom Laura Gerson shared her parenting hack for pacifiers, the internet went wild. The U.K. mum decided a handful of pacifiers within arms reach of her infant daughter would help keep her asleep longer and able to self soothe––and she was right. Why didn't we think of this?

This Genius Shopping Cart Hack

Rawpixel via Unsplash

When your kiddos are too heavy to lift, just use the shopping cart parenting hack by Laura Castillo. The Texas mom's Facebook video went viral when she showed how easy it was to lift up the front panel of a shopping cart so her kids can just climb in––and your back is forever grateful.

The Car Seat Safety Hack That Could Save Your Kid's Life

This year, the Rose City Area Fire Department in Michigan shared a brilliant car seat safety hack, where parents take two minutes to write down their child's pertinent info—such as name, date of birth and parents' contact info—on a piece of paper and tape to their child's car seat. Mom Alexis Copas ended up sharing her own version on Twitter and the crowds went wild.

How Kristen Bell Gets Her Kids to Talk about Their Day

TheEllenShow via YouTube

Kristen Bell's parenting hack is so easy and you're going to want to use it, STAT. Instead of just asking how her kids day was at school, the actress explained why she wanted to know what they did at school. The result? Instant and meaningful convos with the kids.

This Hack from the Royal Wedding Photographer

Kensington Royal Via Instagram

When it comes to how to get kids to smile for photos, the royal photographer for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding has it figured out. The trick? Candy. To get 10 wedding party children (plus adults) to show their pearly whites, he admitted to bribing everyone with a sweet treat. 

Not Just 1, But *7* Secret Costco Hacks

Mike Mozart via Flickr.

We can never get enough secret Costco hacks. From discounts on movies and travel, to free tech support, we rounded up seven "secret" hacks that you may not yet already know about America's favorite warehouse.

This Old, Dried-Out Marker Hack

Wikimedia Images via Pixabay

If you're wondering what do with your kid’s dried-out markers, worry no more. Instead of tossing in the trash can, follow Hali McCloud's viral Facebook hack and get on board with Crayola's ColorCycle program, where they'll take old, dried up markers and recycle them for free!

This Mom's Sunburn Hack

Chanikarn Thongsupa via Rawpixel

Texas Mom Cindie Allen-Stewart blew up the Internet with her sunburn relief hack that simply involved shaving cream. Apply menthol shaving cream to your sunburn, allow to sit for 30 minutes, then rinse and enjoy sting-free showers.

This Dollar Tree Laundry Room Makeover

Hey Tonya via YouTube

When it comes to organization, we can all use a few tips, especially laundry room hacks. YouTuber Hey Tonya is known for her dollar store hacks and she wowed everyone with her transformation of her laundry room into its own uber-organized heaven––all with cheap supplies that anyone can afford.

Prince William's Secret to Well-Behaved Kids

Keeping Up With Royals via Instagram

Prince William's royal parenting hack takes a page from his mum's book and involves kneeling down to chat with kids on their level. While the rest of the world may not be royal, we can definitely get on board with this simple way to make any kid feel comfortable and heard.


––Karly Wood

Feature image: Rawpixel



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