Attention fans of Swedish couches, meatballs and furniture that requires tiny Allen wrenches to be built: big changes are coming to IKEA—and soon. Noted as the “boldest ever restructuring,” IKEA is mixing up everything from its online shopping experience to its in-store layout in hopes of keeping up with its growing customers and their ever-changing styles.

If you’ve ever visited an IKEA warehouse, you probably have an opinion or two about the massive amounts of products and somewhat confusing layout you’re required to navigate while shopping. Well, the company has heard your cries for help! Keep reading to see four biggest changes at IKEA you can expect to see in the new year.

Photo: Courtesy of IKEA

The first change by IKEA will make is to actually stock less of their products on the sales floor, in an effort to have more room for mock-ups of kitchens, bedrooms and the like. The retailer hopes this will create a one-of-a kind experience that encourages customers to visit their locations, as opposed to just browsing online. There’s no word yet on whether we will see a change in IKEA’s signature maze-like path that takes you to your ultimate purchase destination.

IKEA will also open 30 new stores in city centers, bringing more access and meeting people where they live as opposed to their traditional model of residing on the outskirts of large cities. Get ready to see new locations in downtown Paris, London and yes—even New York City!

Despite making changes to their actual stores and wanting to encourage in-store shopping, IKEA is also working on investing more in their delivery services. In an age with so many discount and free shipping options, not to mention adding stores in busy metro areas, it just makes sense to make delivery a more viable option for shoppers.

Finally, and perhaps the most shocking is that the company will cut 7,500 jobs around the globe, many of which will be back-end clerical and support jobs. In response, they will actually add another 11,500 new jobs over the next two years for the purpose of increasing delivery options, upgrading the online presence and improving the in-store experience.

So long as they don’t touch those beloved, delicious Swedish meatballs, we’re on board for all these exciting new changes from our favorite Swedish retailer!

––Karly Wood



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