Check out What These Boys Are Doing to Protest Their School’s Dress Code!

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Do you know what your child’s school considers acceptable, and not, to wear? Does your child? Students at San Benito High School in Hollister, Ca were kind of surprised when 50 (yes 50) girls were sent to the principal’s office on the first day of school for violating the school’s dress code. And what offense were these female students’ supposedly guilty of? They were wearing shoulder-baring tops. What happened next shows just how sweet and thoughtful teens can be!

So technically the school’s dress code does forbid female students from showing their shoulders. Yes, this is kind of old-fashioned. We know. But the rules are the rules. Right? Maybe not. Some students claim that this so-called dress code policy (meaning shoulders not showing) hasn’t been enforced in recent years. They also felt that it targeted the young women, making it seem like their shoulders would somehow distract the boys from learning.

Given that the rule only applied to girls, the boys did something pretty amazing. They protested. No, they didn’t boycott school. They went. But they went with shoulder-bearing shirts.

Offended at the idea that seeing a girl’s shoulders would distract them, the boys stood in solidarity with their female classmates. That is, they stood while wearing off the shoulder tops. When asked to change, they refused.

The school is now planning to create a committee that allows students to express their issues, concerns and pinions about the dress code.

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