Brooklyn Decker Is Just Like Us! When It Comes to Kids, That Is

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Oh, that very first day of daycare. We all know just how painful it can be. Umm, not for your little one — but for you. The tears (yours), the whimpering (again, yours) and, of course, the tantrums (yes, yours). If you kind of lost it the first time you dropped your baby off at child care, you aren’t alone. Super-gorgeous model/actress/mommy Brooklyn Decker is just like you. Check out what happened on her baby boy’s first big day.

Like many of us mamas, models and actresses have to work too. Yep, that’s right. Brooklyn Decker may have a jaw-dropping bikini-ready body, but sometimes she’s not a glamazon. Sometimes she’s just a regular ol’ mama.

So when Decker had to take one-year-old son Hank Roddick to his first day of daycare, she did what most mommies do. She welled up.

The pregnant mama (she’s expecting baby number two with tennis hottie hubby Andy Roddick) was seen stifling sniffles during the first-day drop-off. The mama then shared a video on IG of herself driving away, writing, “Hank’s first day of daycare was the WORST. For me.”

Like many mama-kiddo pairs, it seems that little Hank wasn’t exactly heartbroken in the same way that his mama was. Decker also said, in her Instagram post, “He was completely thrilled.”

How did you survive your child’s first day of daycare? Share your story in the comments below.