The Best Bassinets and Nappers for Babies to Sleep By Your Side

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Plan to have your baby sleep in your room to start? You should according to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ latest safe sleep guidelines. The organization recommends babies sleep in the same room as their parents for the first year (or at least the first six months), in a bassinet or crib. We found a dozen options for rooming in with your baby. Pick your favorite from the following.

The Convertible Wonder

Love multi-use products? The Lotus Bassinet Kit and Crib Bundle grows with your baby up to 3 years old. First until your newborn is 18 pounds, use it as a portable bassinet that brings your baby up to your bed level. It even rocks for soothing. Then, convert it to a portable crib and play yard. We love the zippered side door that not only makes it easier to put an already sleeping baby down, but also means your playing toddler can move in and out on his own when it's left open. Plus, the whole shebang packs up into an easy to tote backpack for travel.

Available at, $299.90.

Check out our guide to safe sleep for baby to learn about the latest safety recommendations. 

Where will your baby sleep for the first few months? Tell us below.

–Julie Seguss