12 Healthy Soups to Freeze Now & Eat After Baby Arrives

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When Baby first comes home, it seems the parade of well wishers bearing gifts for baby and food for you will never end. But when it does, you’ll be faced with the exhaustion that comes with the 24-hour demands of a newborn. This is where a little pre-baby planning can pay off big time! Cooking and freezing soups before your baby is born puts you a few microwavable minutes away from a healthy, satisfying meal at any time of the day (or night). Click through the gallery for a selection of delicious soup recipes from food bloggers.

Tortilla Soup

The flexibility of this recipe allows you to adapt it to fit whatever you have on hand. Thriving Home offers not only the recipe but also specific freezing instructions.

Photo: Thriving Home

What are your go-to soups to freeze for later? Let us know in the comments.

–Katie L. Carroll