10 Signs You’re Ready for Another Baby 

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Almost as soon as your wee one exits the womb, people start asking when you’ll have another. At first, you respond with a nervous “Ha!” Then, somewhere along the way, you start to wonder the same thing yourself. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to say exactly when is the right time for a new baby, here are 10 tell-tale signs you may be ready to add another little one to your brood.

photo: Sheila Dee via Flickr

1. When people ask you about being a mom, you describe the morning sickness of trimester one, the whale-like phase of trimester three, the labor and the sleepless newborn nights as less “traumatic” and more “totally worth it.” 

2. You’re sleeping through the night again. After months of snoozing in hour-long segments, the moment you open your eyes for the first time and realize you and baby slept through the night—the entire night—the world becomes new again. Skip ahead a few months (once you’ve repaid some of your sleep debt), and don’t be surprised if you wake up so rested you’re ready to do it all over again. 

3. You’ve got baby on the brain. When your mind starts fixating on all things baby, it may be your ovaries signaling you it’s time to try for another.

photo: Christy Blevins

4. You find yourself watching close-in-age siblings—at the park, the mall, wherever—and imagining the precious moments that could happen between your little one and their future potential baby bro or sis.

5. You’ve bounced back financially from your first adorable, money-sucking munchkin, and you feel ready for another round of baby bills, from medical expenses to diaper and clothing purchases.

6. You keep thinking about how the baby items you stashed away in the attic could be going to good use…if only you had a baby to use them.

photo: Christy Blevins

7. You see a “big brother” or “big sister” t-shirt while out shopping, and you’re tempted to snag it just in case. 

8. You’re open to making big changes to accommodate another little one. Whether that means shopping for a new car, a new house with more bedrooms or a double stroller, upping the ante feels exciting, not burdensome. 

9. You hold a newborn, go #hearteyes over the impossibly tiny toes, fingers, feet and ears and suddenly realize your own baby is ginormous.

10. You’re not just intoxicated at the thought of the new baby smell, smiles, cuddles and coos, you’re up for the reality of a lifetime commitment of loving and caring for another person.

—Suzanna Palmer


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