Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line Is Returning (& We’re Hungry Already)

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Americans are definitely looking forward to the holiday season this year, especially after an interesting 2020. With so many first time cooks hitting up the kitchen during Thanksgiving last year, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line was busy!

Returning for its 40th season starting Mon. Nov. 1, chefs of all levels can call (1-800-BUTTERBALL), text (844-877-3456), reach out via social media, ask Amazon Alexa and more to get last minute help on all their turkey-related questions.

photo: Butterball

The talk-line also has a new program by its side: The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Taste Kitchen! In its inaugural year, the taste kitchen is here to help provide inspiration to hosts of all skill levels.

Taking into consideration the many trends in food across social media, the recipes in the Taste Kitchen combine all types of cooking methods (think: air fryers and lots of spices) and contain the Butterball seal of approval. You can head to butterball.com to get a sneak peak of the upcoming recipes.

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