13 Carrot (and Bunny) Activities That Top Our List

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Like a wine and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, bunnies and carrots just go together. With Peter Cottontail hip-hopping along soon, we figured your Easter party game could use a little spring refresh. The following projects will delight your little rabbits time and time again. Scroll down to get hopping.


photo: aboutamom.com

1. We love this fun twist on the usual go-to tissue paper craft developed by Angela at aboutamom.com. Sure, this fluffy carrot is cute enough to top a cake, but it’ll look just as good hanging in your kiddo’s art gallery!

foam-cup-bunnies-craftsbyamanda-comphoto: craftsbyamanda.com 

2. Sit your tiny tot down to craft a foam cup bunny, designed by Crafts By Amanda. Then dangle your new hoppity friend over a dresser or mantle to add springtime ambiance.


photo: pinkstipeysocks.com

3. Let Leslie at Pink Stripey Socks walk you through it the ins-and-outs of making this adorbs DIY carrot beanbag toss game. Then play a few rounds with your little critters when you’ve got some spare time.


photo: Allison Sutcliffe

4. Collect loose craft sticks and turn them into simple carrot and bunny puzzles for your preschooler to put together. Follow the simple directions at plainvanillamom.com to make them.


photo: Rhonda Fleming Hayes via flickr

5. Dig in to a simple sensory bin activity with your tot. Gather uncooked black beans to play the role of “dirt.” Then bury laminated construction paper cut out carrots for your little gardener to find. Don’t forget the shovel!


photo: housingaforest.com

6. All it takes is a roll of the dice to master this bunny drawing game Tammy from a housingaforest.com came up with. You can find the printout on her blog but you supply the die. Roll on!


photo: misadventuresofayalibrarian.com

7. Take a page out of this crafting book when you make carrot bookmarks with your little bookworm. With this simple cut, punch, tie and decorate activity, your crafting cutie can’t go wrong!


photo: Anthony Arrigo via Flickr

8. Hop to it with a bunny obstacle course. To make one, set out hula-hoops and sports cones in the yard or basement. Then, have your little bunny hop into the hoops and around the cones before crossing the finish line. Ready, set, go!


photo: babyccinokids.com

9. Think cottontail cuteness when you put together this fluffy bunny mask from babyccinokids.com. Don’t forget to top it off with a tasty carrot when you’re done!


photo: thirtyhandmadedays.com

10. Thirty Handmade Days’ Don’t Eat the Peeps game should get everyone hopping. Get the free printable and the rules of the game online before sitting down for play time.


photo: crazylittleprojects.com

11. Spare baby food jars get be-dazzled when your kidlet makes a bunny painted jar by crazylittleprojects.com. The best part? It stores sweet little treasures when it’s done.

Cotton ball shoveling game photo: Allison Sutcliffe

12. Whether you play cottontail relay against a sib or the relentless countdown of a timer, this fast-paced activity is one your carrot-loving crew will come back to. To play, scatter plenty of Peter’s cottontails (think: cotton balls) on the ground and dab each player’s nose with petroleum jelly. Then, have them pick up bunny tails (using only their nose) and place them in a bowl.

finger-paint-olga-flickr photo: Olga via Flickr 

13. Fingerprint bunnies and carrots take center stage in this quick craft. All you need is some paint, and an aspiring artist who’s not afraid to get messy. Know of any?

Which activity, craft or game looks good to you? Tell us which one you’ll try in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe

featured image by photo: AdinaVoicu via pixabay

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