Feeling Fancy? Check out This Straw Hat Bike Helmet

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photo: Bikepretty.com

Bike helmets may keep your noggin safe, but they’re not exactly the most stylish of accessories. Well, lookout bike paths! The new Bike Pretty helmet is a stylish hat with a underlying helmet to protect your head without compromising your fashion sense.

Styled after the turn-of-the-century “picture hat,” the Bike Pretty is, basically, a straw hat that was designed to fit snugly over the included YAAKAY helmet. And, with a three-inch brim, it not only keeps your head safe, but it can also protect your face from the sun.

The hat/helmet, which costs $179, meets all U.S. and European safety standards and is available in varying (adult-only) sizes.

Straw hat not your style? YAKKAY, a Dutch company that manufactures “brainwear for smart people,” has a whole line of super cool-looking helmets that come with “covers” to turn your head-protecting must-haves into stylish accessories.

Check out this denim helmet:

Or this one, which looks just plain cool:

See that, biking fashionistas? Now you’ve got no excuses not to wear that helmet.

Would you buy one of these helmets? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below.