Chelsea Clinton’s New Kids Book Inspires Them to Change the World—Starting Now

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Kids are never too young to learn the importance of being kind to others and making positive changes in their communities—and Chelsea Clinton’s children’s book, Start Now! You Can Make a Difference, is a great way to get those conversations going with kids.

Start Now! You Can Make a Difference is the fourth children’s book written by the former first daughter and mom of two, son Aidan, two, and daughter Charlotte, four. As Clinton explained to PEOPLE, reading books is a great way to communicate big ideas to young kids, like how to handle bullies.

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“[My kids] love being read to and talking about what they’re reading in books,” she explained. “Particularly for young readers, books are not only a way to help break down and communicate ideas [but] stories of real empowerment.”

Clinton’s new book covers a broad range of challenging topics, including climate change, hunger, endangered species and bullying, all in a way that kids can understand. Not only does she break down these concepts, but she gives kids ideas on what they can actually do to help: from lists of ways to get involved to photos of real kids helping others, young readers will find inspiration in this beautiful book.

While Start Now! is geared towards readers ages 7 to 10, there’s plenty of takeaways that parents can use when talking to kids of all ages.

“I found books really empowering as a kid and hope that this book helps empower kids today,” Clinton said, adding, “I choose to believe that all of us can be better and that if we treat each other with kindness hopefully, over time, kindness begets kindness.”

You can find Start Now! You Can Make a Difference on Amazon.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

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