The Registry Items You Actually Need On Your List, According to a New Mom

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Cara Fries

I’m from Wisconsin, but I’ve lived in Chicago for 9 years. I love to travel, watch Netflix and am a huge foodie!

As a first-time mom, I was clueless about what to get for my baby girl before she arrived. I read through countless blogs trying to figure out the best products to register for but began to feel overwhelmed with all the new gadgets on the market. I wanted to make sure that we had some of the best products to hopefully help aid in getting our baby to sleep better, eat better and ultimately be as comfortable as possible. Did my baby really need a $1,200 bassinet or some device that she wore at night to register her vitals? Again, feeling so clueless, I decided to do some major research to find the best products so I could feel reassured bringing her home the first night.

After trying out tons of different baby products first hand, which I am hoping may help at least one new mama (or maybe even a second or third-time mama!), I am rounding up the top five products that were the holy grail of our household, and that I would suggest everyone with a newborn has in stock before bringing the baby home. These products succeeded in helping us feel like we knew what we were doing, even when we had no idea.

ChiccoDUO Bottles

While these bottles weren’t around (yet) when my baby was born, I sure wish they would have been! It took me a long time to find a bottle that both my baby loved, and that I felt good about giving to her and the ChiccoDuo bottles check both of those boxes. These bottles are the first-ever hybrid baby bottle that combines the purity of glass and the convenience of plastic. This means that the milk never touches the plastic, but the bottle can still be thrown in the dishwasher and won’t break or crack if dropped. The nipples also have a 9/10 acceptance rate and breast-like flow!



Solly Baby Wrap

We used ours so much. And when I say so much, I mean pretty much every day. I really loved the Solly baby wrap over other ones because it’s really just a soft piece of fabric that ties around your body and holds the baby in place. Some of the other wraps I tried were so bulky and uncomfortable. My baby seemed to love this one best as well, as she’d always fall asleep when being carried in it.



Nestled Bean Swaddle

Getting the baby to sleep and stay asleep can be a daunting (and exhausting!) task, so having a good swaddle is a must. This one is slightly weighted and rests against the baby’s chest, so they feel nice and secure, just like they did in the womb. They also can be used for baby’s up to 30” tall, meaning you can use them for a generous amount of time without having to invest in any other type of swaddle.



Kyte Baby Pajamas

These bamboo pajamas are so incredibly soft and feel like butter on your skin. They’re especially perfect for babies who tend to get overheated or have sensitive skin, as they are hypoallergenic and actually good for the environment! It’s a win-win knowing that your baby is wearing something that’s not only good for their skin but good for the future of the planet as well! (P.S. They come in adult and toddler sizes too!)



Hatch Baby Sound Machine

After having one of these in our bedroom when our baby was sleeping in the same room as us, we went out and bought the adult version because we couldn’t sleep without it! This machine is perfect for providing the baby (and adults!) with white noise (and blocking our other distractions such as dogs barking, traffic, etc.) for sleeping. We noticed our baby slept way longer and way better when we had the rain sound on.