Chip & Joanna Gaines’ 9-Year-Old Daughter Writes Her Own Recipes

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Move over Chip and Joanna, there’s another Gaines ready for the spotlight. The couple’s nine-year-old daughter Emmie recently created her own chocolate chip cookie recipe—and according to mama Joanna, the young chef’s tasty treats are her fave!

Half of the power home improvement/design/all-around media mogul power couple Joanna recently posted a pic of daughter Emmie on Instagram in the kitchen, rolling out her own shortbread cookies. Along with some help from younger bro Crew, it looks like the nine-year-old is the next Gaines on the road to fame.

Not one to act as a helicopter, Jo captioned the photo, “She was determined to make up her own cookie recipe and I left the kitchen so she could surprise me (and so i wouldn’t micromanage her work in the kitchen.”

The Magnolia mogul continued, “Let’s just say this was one of my favorite cookies I’ve ever tasted! It was like a perfect blend of a shortbread cookie and chocolate chip cookie topped with a yummy icing.”

Not only did Emmie create her own recipe, but she’s also a budding author. Joanna continued, “I also love what she named them in her little cookbook, “Emmie Kay’s chocolate chip kisses cookie.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Joanna Gaines via Instagram 



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