Nostalgia Alert: Chuck E. Cheese Just Got Rid of It’s Animatronic Band

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photo: Sam Howzit via Flickr

Come on, you remember that kinda creepy animatronic band from your pizza-fueled, ball-pitted childhood birthdays at Chuck. E. Cheese. The nostalgia factor is way up there when it comes to the rad rodent and his fur and feather-covered robotic friends. Those magical (and totally odd) moving eyes. The singing. The music. The… well, the absolute, all out fun of it all. Hey, what kid could ask for more on their special day? Apparently, a lot of kids are going to be asking for more. Why? We’ve got the scoop on what’s happening to the musical mouse and his animatronic band.

Oh what a sad day it is. That’s right, bring out the tissues and wipe away your tears. Chuck E. Cheese is retiring the animatronic band. Sop. Wheeze. Gentle tear rolling down your cheek.

The crazy-popular kids’ pizza place and amusement chain is updating some of its restaurants. And along with a décor redo, comes the phasing out of the robotic bandmates.

So what’s behind this big-time band break-up? No Chuck E. didn’t have a diva moment and decide that the singing duck and bear were just taking up too much of the spotlight. Apparently, today’s kiddos are way more sophisticated than we were back in the day. The simple animatronics of Chuck’s band just don’t cut it anymore. Hmm.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one crying over the passing of this mouse-led musical act. Musician Father John Misty “eulogized” the band on his Facebook page, posting. “I typically don’t eulogize over social media, but the shock and sadness I feel over losing this artist compelled me to humbly offer a few words of remembrance…”

R.I.P. the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese band. We’ll miss you singing duck. We’ll miss you guitar-playing bear. And, of course, we’ll miss that wacky, cheese-loving mouse.

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