This Viral Housekeeping Parody Is All of Us Prepping for Holiday Visitors

Chris Fleming/ YouTube

This comedian’s viral housekeeping parody nails what it’s like trying to get the house ready for holiday visitors

It’s (just about) the most wonderful time of the year. Soon, the halls will be decked, the snow will be falling, and the chestnuts will be roasting on an open fire—but we all know none of that crap from holiday songs can happen in a house that actually looks like it has children living in it, which is why this housekeeping parody video is going massively viral.

In his video, comedian Chris Fleming nails what it’s like to get the house ready for the holidays, especially hosting guests. Dressed as a frazzled mom, he races around an already-pristine home, wielding a vacuum cleaner like it’s a sword and yelling at no one about pushing in chairs and making beds.

“I want this place looking like Disney on Ice in one minute,” he says in the video, before adding, “Harry, if you haven’t made your bed, throw it away, it’s too late to make it now.”

Stomping around the house with cleaning supplies slung over his shoulder, Fleming nails the stressed-out scowl that all moms wear while trying to simultaneously “ready” their house and deal with hyper kids who have forgotten that school ever existed.

“Company is coming!” Fleming announces. “Get rid of the couches. We can’t let people know that we sit! The chairs need to be pushed in. There cannot be any sign of living in this house. I don’t care if we have to throw everything out. I want this place looking like a new Mediterranean fusion restaurant by noon!”

In other words, Fleming gets it.

So before you resume being stressed about your own holiday housekeeping, give this hilarious video a watch. And then take a deep breath—you’ll need it to yell at the kids about picking up after themselves for the 100th time this week.


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