14 Creative Easter Egg Hunts You Can Do at Home

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With stay-at-home and social distancing measures still in play for Easter 2021, it’s time to kick the egg hunt action up a notch. From puzzle eggs and hunt by color to no chores and token egg hunts, we’ve got 14 ideas for Easter egg hunts that are extra special. Trust us, this will be a hunt they remember! Scroll down to see them all.

1. Raffle Easter Egg Hunt

Slip raffle tickets into the plastic Easter eggs and have the kids collect them. Once the egg hunt is over, have a drawing for a bigger prize. 

2. Puzzle Piece Egg Hunt

Teamwork! Easter egg hunts are extra fun when you put individual puzzle pieces in each Easter egg and have your little bunnies work together to make a puzzle for a prize. Hop over to It’s Always Autumn for details and the printable instructions.

3. Hunt by Color

Do you have a mix of fast and slow little bunnies running for those eggs? We love how mom Karen color-coded her eggs and made matching baskets (Just in case someone forgets what color they have!). Jump over to Sew Many Ways for the step-by-step of this eggs-cellent idea.

4. Lunch Hunt

Hunt for your lunch! Make Easter Sunday 2020 fun for both big and little kids who’ll love this type of egg hunt inspired by Gluesticks blog. Find the how-to here. Whether it’s there favorite sandwich, fruit or snack, they’ll have fun both finding and eating it. Your kids will think you're the coolest.

5. Reverse-Role Egg Hunt

Switch it up! As far as Easter egg hunts go, this is a good idea for bigger kids. Let them be the Easter bunny and hide the eggs. Add a great twist by writing their chores on a piece of paper and putting it in the eggs. Then, it’s time for the parents to look for the eggs. Any eggs not found are chores kids don’t have to do!

6. Token Egg Hunt

Kids will be stoked when they get yolk tokens to exchange for prizes. We love this Token Egg Hunt created by Life as a Mom; you can hippy-hop over here to find the details. Not only is there no chocolate in this hunt, but you can also customize the prizes for all the bunnies.

7. Family Truth or Dare Egg Hunt

Do you want to do 10 jumping jacks or reveal your favorite toy? Fill Easter eggs with cute and fun family-friendly truth or dare challenges that you can do indoors or the backyard. Have the whole family find the hidden eggs and then, it’s time for truth or dare. Who knows, you may learn something new!

photo: Nikki Walsh

8. Treasure Hunt

Arrr! Gather up ye mateys to search for the pirate map hidden in the colorful Easter eggs. First, make a treasure map, then cut it up and put the pieces into the eggs. Next, tell your little bunnies to find the eggs. Finally, your little treasure hunters can tape the map together to find their Easter baskets.

9. Tree Hunt

Little chickadees will love their eggs hanging from the trees. You’ll need yarn, plastic eggs, and Easter treats. Mama Kelly has the easy directions you’ll need to create this Easter egg wonderland. Hop on over to Be a Fun Mum for the tutorial.

10. Piñata-Style Hunt

Poppin’ down the bunny trail? Bigger rabbits will enjoy pulling and popping to get their tiny treasures, almost like little piñata eggs. You’ll need plastic eggs, streamers and string. Skitter over to Studio DIY to put a little bang in your Easter egg hunt.

11. Exercise Hunt

Your little bouncing bunnies can burn off their chocolate buzz with this exercise-inspired hunt. From jumping jacks to crab walks this search will bring giggles and fun: To see how it’s done, spring over to No Time for Flashcards, and let the action begin.

12. Golden Egg Hunt

Gold and chocolate aren’t just for Willy Wonka! Step up the excitement of the hunt by adding golden eggs. When found, they’ll have an extra special treat inside. We love these shiny golden eggs created by Liz Stanley at Say Yes. You’ll need plastic eggs, foil and glue. Click here for the full tutorial.

13. Letter Hunt  

Is your lil’ bunny learning his or her ABC’s? Good news! You won’t have to shell out a lot of money to create this wordy hunt. Grab foam letters, paper, colored pens and plastic eggs, and then bound over to Hands On As We Grow to see this idea in action.

photo: Gabby Cullen

14. Glow in the Dark Hunt

Your little peeps will be glowing after this Easter egg hunt. You can either buy glow-in-the-dark eggs or you can put a small LED light (or bracelet glow stick) inside of plastic eggs, then hide the eggs indoors for lil’ bunnies and outside for bigger kiddos.

—Nikki Walsh


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