11 Ways to Dress Up Your Front Porch & Door This Halloween

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It’s September, and it’s never too early to think about Halloween decorations. Sure, you’ve got all the inflatables and you’re already thinking about what to carve into your pumpkin, but what about Halloween door decorations and front porch Halloween decorations? From rustic door panels, crow silhouettes and even a witch who has a wrong turn, we’ve got 11 easy ideas to make your front entrance shine this Halloween. Keep reading to see them all.

Door Panels

These rustic signs are made from fabric that is weather-resistant, washable and easy to put away to use in future years.

Get the look here

Spider Web Door

This spider web door from Jane Can is too cute to spook! Grab yarn, Styrofoam balls, pom poms, and pipe cleaners to make this large spindly web and multi-legged spiders. 

Get the look here. 


Shadowy Silhouette

This shadowy silhouette is an easy one to fix up. Plus, there's no adhesive and you can use it year after year.

Get the look here.  

Frankenstein Door

A cool classic monster with a fun twist, this Franken-door spotted over at Green & Gorgeous is friendly, not scary.

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Mummy Door

Little ghosts will brave the walk to your front door when they see this welcoming mummy. A breeze to create with white streamers, black and yellow construction paper, and tape. 

Get the look here.


Witch Crash Door Wreath

Your little pretties will be bewitched by a crash-landing witch wreath! 

Get the look here.

Eyeball Door Wreath

All eyes are on the costumed guests! Add a little eerie to your door with an eyeball wreath like the one spotted over at Crafty Sisters

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Moving Spiders

Add a little creep factor with magnetic spiders (that you can move!) like these from Delia Creates.

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photo: Amber Guetebier

Door Monster

You don’t have to live in the brooding mansion atop Spook Hill to sport a little haunted house style all your own. Welcome a monster into the home with this easy Halloween decor idea.

Get the look here. 

Eek! Door Light

Settle this in next to a few spiders and cobwebs around your door, and it'll be a sweetly scary way to light up your front door on Halloween. 

Get the look here. 

Crows Flying

There’s something eerie about swirling crows (thank you, Alfred Hitchcock), and we love the look spotted over at the Idle Wife.

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—Nikki Walsh with Gabby Cullen

Feature image: Bee Felton-Liedel via Unsplash


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