Do Your Kids Write Letters to Santa? They’re Not Alone

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photo: Allison Sutcliffe

Are handwritten letters to Santa a thing of the past? Between email, texting and everything else your kiddo does online, it may seem like putting pencil to paper is an antiquated notion that today’s youth has all but forgotten. Hmm. Wait just a moment. As it turns out, kids are not flocking to their parents’ smartphones to text Santa a Christmas wish list.

The Elf on the Shelf (no, not the actual elf that sits on the shelf and watches the kids to make sure that they don’t wind up on the naughty list) commissioned a survey on holiday rituals. This included how children communicate with Mr. Claus.

Even though it may seem like kids are super-focused on electronics, and electronics only, their techiness isn’t taking over handwriting when it comes to Santa. Ninety-six percent of parents surveyed reported that their children still hand-write letters to Santa. Yep. They use their hands to sit down and write their lists with pencils, crayons, markers or some other writing instrument and a real piece of paper.

Oh, and if you’re wondering just how timely today’s kids are when they write to Santa, they’re totally on the ball. There’s no procrastination here. The survey revealed that the beginning of December is at the top of the list when it comes to when children write to St. Nick.

Does your child still hand-write letters to Santa? Tell us in the comments below.