With the Help of Imagination: Easy Bed Transformations

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It would be a whole lot more fun for your sleepy sidekick to make their bed if they could pretend they were tossing pizza dough or flipping through pages of a story book. We found the coolest beds on the Internet and came up with creative ways to do it yourself at home (sans shopping!). Read more below.


photo: kokasexton via flickr

A Dreamy Slice
Grab a yellow sheet and all the red circle pillows in your house. Fluffing the sheets could be considered twirling the dough! When your kids love pizza more than ice cream, this might be the way to get them into bed stat. Designer points: Brown pillows for the crust.

book_bed_opening018-1024x682 photo: Ruth Beale

A Snoozy Page Turner
Artist Ruth Beale took bedtime story to another level! Take a large white sheet that’s double the size of your kiddo’s bed. Fold it in half and pretend that their bed is a 4-page story book. Fill one side with your little one’s toys and critters – or if you have time, cut out cardboard letters or trees, and embark on a real bedtime story adventure through the sheets. For the intensive readers, use striped bedsheets so the edges of the bed look like pages. See more of the book bed over at Peckham Platform.


photo: Mathy by Bols

“Into the Woods”
We’ve posted totally awesome bunk bed designs and this bunk bed by Belgian design company Mathy by Bols is a favorite amongst our outdoor lovers. For mini-campers who want to turn their bed into a cabin, indulge in a tiny 1-2 person tent and set it up on the bed. Not only will your kiddo crawl in before bedtime, but you won’t even have to re-tuck the sheets in the morning! Parents 1; Late Bedtime 0.

What’s your creative way to “make your bed” an adventure? Share them in the comments below!

— Christal Yuen