You’ve never been jealous of your kid’s room… until now

Whether you have a small space or just really the kids to share a bedroom, bunk beds will take their sleeping arrangements to a whole new level. From designer bunk beds to bunk beds with stairs, the only limit for these lofty projects is your imagination (and your ceiling height). And who knows? With these clever designs, sleeping in your kid’s room may not be such a bad option after all. 

Full-Twin Bunk Bed Combo

Rooms to Go

If you've got an older kid sharing with a younger sibling, this full/twin combo bunk bed will make a room feel like it belongs to everyone. Plus, the steps have built-in storage and one side is a storage chest, so it's perfect for a shared bedroom. Get the details at Rooms to Go

Convertible Bunk Bed

They want twin beds—no—they want a bunk bed! Lucky for you, Delta Children has a brand-new convertible bunk bed with guard rails and a ladder that can be converted into twin beds. 

Mid-Century Bunk Bed

If you love all things Mid Century, then this bunk bed from West Elm will be a perfect fit in your kids' room. We also love that the ladder is fixed, so there's no worry that someone will dislodge it. Get details at West Elm

Bunk Beds with Built Ins

Bailey McCarthy

We love the built-in shelves that line this twin over full bunk bed idea from designer Bailey McCarthy. It's perfect for older kids and allows for sibling sharing rooms to have their own decorative space. See the bunk beds over at Bailey McCarthy

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DIY Designer Bunk Bed

Jeweled Interiors

Jewel Marlowe, interior designer and prolific DIY-er, upgraded a standard wooden bunk bed into this luxurious room-stopper in just seven easy steps. Head over to her blog Jeweled Interiors for the step-by-step instructions and see for yourself the amazing photo transformation before photo—you'll never look at a bunk bed in the same way again.

Sophisticated Bunks

Tess Neustadt via Amber Interiors

If your kid's (or your) taste tends to eschew on the less juvenile side, get inspired by Amber Interior's bunk bed situation that was made with timeless design in mind. This modern marvel, complete with stairs and built-in bookcases may be the best twin bed over a full bunk bed that we've ever seen. Don't be surprised if your kids never want to leave their room.


Triple Bunk Beds

Foxhole Farmhouse via Instagram

The problem with a lot of bunk beds is that they look, well, out of place. This triple-bunk by Foxhole Farmhouse looks as if it has always been in this space thanks to custom woodwork like moldings and shiplap. For the full instructions on how these clever DIY-ers maximized this corner in their house, check out the "Bunk Tutorial" on their Instastories.


Private Bunks

private bunk beds
Vardehaugen Architects

Sleek and simple, this bunk design by Vardehaugen Architects, a firm located in Norway, nails the privacy and space issue while maximizing the hygge feel of course. 

Bunk with Stairs

Instead of a ladder, which might be scary for little kids, this one has a set of stairs (keeping bunk bed ideas for toddlers in mind) that'll take your little one to dreamland. Plus, with an extra pull-out trundle and built-in cupboards, this one is perfect for sharing among family and friends. More details at Wayfair.

Built-In Ladder Bunk Bed


We love how the ladder is built into the side of this bunk bed from Crate&kids, saving additional floor space, not to mention the rolling twin bed feature that allows you to change the positioning of the lower mattress from parallel to perpendicular to the bunk. More details at Crate&kids

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Bunk for One

Room & Board

Kids that don't have to share a room can enjoy the perks of bunk living too. This loft-style IKEA bed allows for the top to be used as the sleeping space, and the area below as a reading nook or even a study space, which is ideal for a small room. More details at IKEA

Navy & Brass Bunk

Steven Dewall

We love how Sarah Barnard Design tackled this kid's bedroom. While bunk beds don't traditionally don't scream privacy, the addition of individual curtains on the bunks coupled with the private desk alcoves all but guarantees that each kid will have plenty of space to themselves.

Cottage Chic Bunk Bed

Dangerfield Woodcraft via Etsy

Wake up and play in this fully customizable farm fresh-inspired bunk that comes complete with flower boxes and a handy trundle space that can be used for storage or extra sleeping space. More details at Etsy.

Tractor Bunk Bed

Rucker Rendezvous

For those kids that love tractors more than trains, this DIY bunk bed pays tribute to the iconic brand John Deere including an exact color match and those can't miss decals. If you want to make one for your own little hauler, all the details (including measurements!) can be found at the blog Rucker Rendevouz


LEGO Bunk Bed

Suzanne Nichols Design Group

The Suzanne Nichols Design Group took their inspiration from one of childhood's most clever toys and designed a room that any master builder (or master builder in training) will want to cozy up in thanks to the eye-popping colors and brick-inspired steps. 

Industrial Modern Bunk Beds

Kimberly Gavin via Massucco Warner Miller

The metallic frame on this bunk bed looks like it is made from plumbing parts. It lends an industrial modern edge to the room and successfully mixes and matches with the classic Hudson Bay bedding. The whole look is pulled together by interior design company Massucco Warner Miller

Triple Bunks


If you’ve got triplets (we salute you!) or three kids sharing a room, this modern, made-to-order bunk bed set from Wayfair could be the answer to your prayers. The bottom flor bunk uses the space well, and the simple design makes for a streamlined look. 

Fun & Smart Bunk Beds

Max Trix Kids

The best part about this bunk bed setup is that you can fully customize it to meet your needs. But don't worry about feeling stuck with it—not only are the parts are reversible, but they can also be dismantled and used separately, meaning you can change the configuration as the needs of your family changes. Oh, and let's not ignore the awesomeness of the slide. More details at Max Trix Kids.

DIY Loft Bunk

Apartment Therapy

Here's some fun math: Five people, two bedrooms, and 1000 square feet. Tight right? Well, maybe not. Thanks to this unique setup by Meg Freeman who ran the blog, Elsie Marley: Handmade and Imperfect, she found a fantastic solution for providing the best dreamscape for her growing brood. Here she created a makeshift bunk bed by building a loft above the existing bed adding "clouds" to double as a guardrail and as a decorative distraction from an unmade bed. 

Groovy Bus Bunk Bed


Beep! Beep! It’s nothing but sweet dreams ahead. As his daughter’s third birthday approached, and her days in the crib were numbered, this handy dad raced to finish her adorable big kid bed. Made with real VW parts, painted in a spectacular palette of psychedelic colors, and finished just in time for the big celebration, you can see this incredible bed come together at the blog Treehouser.

Rope Bunk

Barbara Chapartegui

Just hanging around takes on a whole new meaning with this lofty bunk bed designed by Barbara Chapartegui. Like a modern hammock suspended from strong ropes, this modern twist on traditional bunk beds is an ingenious solution to creating a shared sleeping space. 

Bunk Over a Crib

bunk over crib
Casa Kids

Expecting a new addition to the family? Your toddler might be ready to abdicate their spot in the crib and move on up…to the top bunk! Customize your shared space with a lofted toddler bed/crib combo. This configuration features easy staircase access to the top bunk, a built-in bookcase, sturdy safety railing and shelving. The crib is even outfitted with wheels for easy mobility. More details at Casa Kids.

Treehouse Bunk Beds

Riikka Kantinkoski via Aalto Aalto

Inspired by treehouses, this bunk bed design is available in an assortment of vibrant colors and unique configurations. We love the slim and compact nature of the beds—providing maximum comfort in a minimal amount of space. More details at Aalto + Aalto.

Cozy Cabin Bunk

cabin bunk bed
Mathy by Bols

The ultimate sleeping quarters for your little campers, this adorable cabin is handcrafted by a Belgian design company. The house-inspired bunk bed is great for a shared space that also doubles as a playroom. More details at Mathy by Bols

Climbing Bunks


Opting for a rock wall in lieu of a traditional ladder helped to transform these top bunks into a private space that's definitely worth the climb. More details at Decoist

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