Adorable Ed Sheeran Loves Babies, & He Even Dedicated a Song to One

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There’s a one-year-old baby in Miami, Florida who may just be Ed Sheeran’s biggest, and definitely youngest, fan. Okay, so maybe it’s more of that her parents are. The story starts when parents Rocky and Harmony Smith named their daughter Cooper. Umm, if you’re wondering what that has to do with the super-star singer, check out how the pair paid a serious tribute to Sheeran in a sweet way.

The Smith’s gave their daughter Cooper a middle name that meant something special to them — Sheeran. The pair are major fans and have been playing Sheeran’s (the singer, not their child) songs for little Cooper before she was even born. They put speakers up to Harmony’s pregnant belly, and played Sheeran’s songs for Cooper while she was inside.

After Cooper’s birth, dad Rocky started singing Sheeran’s songs to his baby daughter. And what’s the result? A super mini fan! But Cooper does think that daddy is really the voice behind Sheeran’s tunes. He noted that when she hears Sheeran on the radio, she looks around for daddy.

When the parents took their one-year-old to see Sheeran live, the couple spoke to the singer from the crowd. They told him that they named their daughter after him. And what did Sheeran do? He dedicated the song “Dive” to the little girl!

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