Think Private School Is Expensive? Take a Look at These Exclusive Summer Camps!

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photo: Camp Laurel Facebook page

If you’ve thought the idea of shelling out a college tuition’s worth of cash for your kid to attend private school was a lot, you’ll be amazed to see how much some summer camps cost kids (er, parents) looking for a few weeks of fun. Wondering about how much you’d spend to attend some of the nation’s most exclusive summer camps? Read on!

Camp Laurel (Mt. Vernon, Me)
This sprawling lakeside boys and girls camp is divided into six campuses by age. Activities include tennis, yoga, roller hockey, beach volleyball, ropes course, ziplines, sailing, waterskiing, snorkeling, horseback riding, swimming, arts and crafts, dance and culinary arts. The camp has its own FM radio station, two fully-equipped cooking studios and a 3,000-square-foot indoor gymnastics facility.

Price: $12,400 plus $1,000 for the optional equestrian program and $475 for personal expenses.
Duration: 6 weeks.
Ages: 7 to 15

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp (Honesdale, Pa)
This all-girls camp is almost 100 years old and aims to instill an “Angel Code” into young girls, focusing on four basic values: Loyalty, Beauty (from within), Merit and Comradeship. Activities include an adventure course, cooking, golf, swimming and tennis. The campus houses seven soccer fields, a 15,000-square-foot gymnastics facility, an equestrian center with 40 horses, 40 acres of trails, seven riding arenas, and 15 tennis courts.

Price: $11,650
Duration: 7 weeks
Ages: 7 to 15

Raquette Lake Camp (Raquette Lake, Ny)
This century-old camp is thought of as the “Harvard of summer camps,” with state-of-the art lodging and equipment, as well as required uniforms and a competitive application process. The camp is a boys and girls camp divided by a lake. Activities include gymnastics, ice hockey, horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, sailing, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, theater and art.

Price: $13,020
Duration: 7 weeks
Ages: 6 to 15

photo: Camp Androscoggin Facebook page

Camp Androscoggin (Wayne, Me)
This all-boys camp was founded in 1907 by the former president of the American Camping Association. The camp aims to introduce boys to a variety of skills, then let them hone in on one particular activity that interests them. Facilities include 12 tennis courts, golf, archery and rifelry ranges, soccer and lacross fields, two baseball fields, ropes courses and a climbing wall.

Price: $12,100
Duration: 7 weeks
Ages: 8 to 15

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