Tired of all your photos of your favorite moments coming back less than lackluster? Me Ra Koh, author of the book “Your Family in Pictures” and a professional photographer who has had her work featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” gives us her handy tips that will help set you up for success. Finally, you’ll be able to get photographs that are just as good as the memories that made them. Flip through the gallery to get the scoop from Mom.me.

Go Outside

The backyard is a wonderland for children, so take advantage of their comfort level there. Koh suggests "scoping out your backyard earlier in the day so that you know what vantage points will give you the most to work with compositionally. Let your children know you are going to photograph the backyard and want them to pretend like you aren’t there. Encourage them to do their favorite activities, whether that’s playing ball, swinging or running through sprinklers. Find a good spot, and just camp out long enough for them to forget about you."

KEY TIPS: Turn off the flash, choose landscape mode and continuous shooting mode. A horizontal frame works well to help capture the full scope of the environment.

Image by Tonya Todd

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