Tinybeans FAQ

Tinybeans is a private family photo-sharing app that turns everyday moments into memories. Think of us as a journal, visual diary, and time capsule that allows parents to capture and share their favorite snapshots and videos with the people who matter most.

You do, of course! Please check out our Terms and Conditions for more details, but rest assured that the only people who will ever see your photos and videos are your trusted friends and family. We will never use your photos in any way without your permission.

Tinybeans is completely private. The photos and videos you upload can only be viewed by the family and friends you invite to view them. As parents, privacy is as important to us as it is to you. We take it very seriously. Our Privacy Policy and Terms are always available for you to review. Please don’t hesitate to email us at info@tinybeans.com if you have any further questions.

You can sign up for FREE at www.tinybeans.com or download our iPhone or Android app.

You can add family and friends to your Tinybeans journal using the app or website. 


From the app: 

  • Navigate to the More tab
  • Tap your journal 
  • Tap Family & Friends
  • From here, you can manually add folks using their email address or invite directly from your device’s Contact list (just note that you must have an email address saved for the Contact). 


From the website: 

  • Login to tinybeans.com
  • Click your profile icon near the top right 
  • Select Family & Friends from the dropdown
  • From here, you can manually add folks using their email address


Adding someone to your Tinybeans journal allows them access to all of your precious memories added to Tinybeans and automatically signs them up to receive daily update emails each time you post something new. 

You can add a child to your Tinybeans journal from the app or website. 


From the app, navigate to the Memories tab and tap the + icon just below your journal title near the top of the page. 


From the website, click your profile icon near the top right and select Children & Pets from the dropdown.

From the app, you can add a memory – a photo, video, quote, or story – by tapping the + icon from the main menu at the base of the screen. Make sure you’ve allowed Tinybeans access to your Photos! 

From the website, just click “+ Add Moments” from any page. Once the upload screen appears, you can either Browse your files or just drag and drop to upload. 

Everyone you invite to follow your journal will have access to all the memories you share (except for those you mark as “hidden”). Your followers will also receive their own login so they can see your Tinybeans memories any time, and we’ll send them a daily update on the days you add memories to your journal, as well as fun flashbacks, weekly summaries, and more. They can decide how often they receive updates from us and change their settings by logging into their account.

A smartphone is not required to enjoy Tinybeans! Everything you add to your journal is synced to both our app and website, and you and your followers can use either one—your login is the same. If both options seem like too much of a hassle, that’s no problem. When you add followers, they’re automatically signed up to receive updates directly to their inbox. We try to make it as easy as possible for all members of your family to view those special and silly moments.

Once someone is added to your journal, only they can change the way their name displays. This can be done through their My Details page on our website or their individual settings in the app.

After a user is added to your journal, only they can change the frequency and type of notifications they receive through their My Details page on our website or their individual settings in the app.

You can choose to receive journal updates immediately, daily, weekly, or never through your My Details page on our website or your notification settings in the app. A user can only adjust their notification settings for themselves, not other users on the journal.

You can receive updates either through emails, or through push notifications on your smartphone. You can choose which method (and frequency) you prefer in your My Details page on our website or your notification settings in the app.

To switch between journals you’re following, just click on the journal title you see at the top of the Memories or Calendar page. A pop-up menu will appear allowing you to switch to another journal. 

Head to tinybeans.com/photobooks on your computer to create a beautiful, fully customizable album. See our full Photo Book FAQs for details!

You can delete your account from the More tab of the app. Alternatively, you can always email us at info@tinybeans.com, and we will delete your account for you. We’ll be sad to see you go, though!

Yes! Free subscribers are able to upload up to 20 memories (photos or videos) per month with an ad-supported experience. To unlock unlimited uploading, remove ads and more we encourage you to join our Tinybeans+ subscription. 

You can remove ads for yourself and for everyone following your journal by joining Tinybeans+. It also unlocks the following features for you and one additional follower you choose to Share your subscription: 

  • Unlimited upload of photos and videos (up to 5 minutes in length each)
  • An ad free experience (including for followers of your journal)
  • 2TB of storage
  • Free shipping on all photo book orders going to U.S. addresses
  • The ability to export your memories

Tinybeans+ is the Tinybeans subscription. 

Your Tinybeans+ subscription includes the following features: 

  • Unlimited upload of photos and videos (up to 5 minutes in length each)
  • An ad free experience (including for followers of your journal)
  • 2TB of storage
  • Shared subscription – grant full subscription features to a follower of your journal! 
  • Free shipping on all photo book orders going to U.S. addresses
  • The ability to export your memories

Tinybeans+ is available for $74.99/year or $7.99/month. Pricing is charged in USD for all subscribers except for those in Australia, for whom pricing is charged in AUD. We hope to offer price parity for a wider range of locations soon! 

From the app, select More, then Manage Subscription. From there, you can verify your next renewal date, your price, and set or reset the follower you have selected to Share your subscription with. If you need to cancel, tap your subscription and the option to cancel will appear.

Note: If you subscribed directly via our website, we recommend managing your subscription from here

Free Tinybeans allows you to upload a maximum of 20 photos and videos per month and includes ads around your family’s journal. 

Being chosen to Share a Tinybeans+ subscription unlocks all the same features the subscriber enjoys: 

  • Unlimited upload of photos and videos (up to 5 minutes in length each)
  • An ad free experience (including for followers of your journal)
  • 2TB of storage
  • Free shipping on all photo book orders going to U.S. addresses
  • The ability to export your memories 

Yes! As long as your legacy Family Premium subscription is able to auto-renew using the original payment method, it will remain active. Once we are unable to auto-renew with the original payment method, your legacy Family Premium subscription will be canceled. 

While your legacy Family Premium features remain the same, the price of yearly Premium will increase to the standard $74.99/year or $7.99/month. For a full list of features for legacy Family Premium, please email info@tinybeans.com

Lifetime Family Premium members will see no change to their service.

The first step would be to force quit and restart the app to see if the features (like ad removal, longer video uploads, etc) appear! If not, try updating your app and signing out and back in (don’t worry, all your memories are safe and sound on our server and will re-download when you log back in!). If you still have trouble, please email our team at info@tinybeans.com with which features you’re missing, and our support experts will be happy to help.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. 

From the app, select the More tab, then Manage Subscription and tap through until you see the option to cancel. If you subscribed directly via our website, you can cancel from your Billing page (select Manage Subscription for Tinybeans+). Your subscription will remain active through the end of your current term.

When you cancel your Tinybeans+ subscription, your full feature set remains active through the end of your current term. Once the current term expires, ads will return to your journal and you will be limited to uploading 20 memories per month. All previously added memories will remain safely stored on your journal—there is no risk of losing anything.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.

You can download individual photos and videos from a Tinybeans journal by tapping on the 3 dots in the lower right corner of a moment and selecting Download.

We offer bulk exports of all of your memories as a feature of our Tinybeans+ subscription.

As a journal owner, it is possible to “hide” photos or videos during the initial upload. This keeps the moment visible only to you and to those followers who have been granted Full Access permissions (which makes them a co-owner of the journal with you). To those without Full Access, it would remain hidden.

It’s important to note that it is not possible to retroactively hide or un-hide a moment once it’s been posted. The decision has to be made during upload. 

Please don’t hesitate to email us at info@tinybeans.com—we’re always here to help!

Photo books FAQ

Head to tinybeans.com/photobooks using your computer to create a beautiful Photo Book!

All Tinybeans Photo Books are printed on high-quality, 100-weight glossy paper using premium ink so your memories will really pop! Whether hardcover or softcover, your book will come in a matte finish “soft-touch” binding that’s easy to clean and great for hands both big and small.

You can find details about the sizes of Photo Books we offer, our prices, and much more by visiting tinybeans.com/photobooks

Please note that all of our prices are in USD on the site.

After selecting your Photo Book preferences (size, number of pages), our site will auto-generate a book for you with your images based on the months you’ve chosen to print! You can always add additional pages later (there’s a prompt at the bottom right of each page view), and the pricing works out the same. 

It will be a mix of layouts that you can adjust to your liking! Click on the white area of the page you’d like to edit, and our Design menu will open on the left hand side of your page, where you can choose from different layouts and background colors! The same process applies for swapping out photos – click on the photo you would like to change, and then use the menu at the left to choose the new photo for the spot. 

The images you choose in the layout can be re-centered to how you like them. If you click into an image, so the orange square appears around the box, you can drag the photo to be centered on the area of the image you prefer. You can drag the images left or right, or up or down, depending on what you need!

Be sure to click ‘Save’ after you’ve made adjustments to your photo arrangements so your draft stays up to date with your work!

Yes! Your captions will import into the single-image page layout of our Photo Book creator for you! Captions are only automatically included in the single-image page layout, but there is space to manually include text in the four-image layout as well. There is also a text-only page layout which can be a great way to tell the story of the date range of your book.

The calendar view and photos that are available when creating your Photo Book come directly from your journal. This means that any calendar views you choose to display in your album, will be the same as what you’d see when logging into Tinybeans.

If you want to change which photo is shown on a calendar day, you can change this through your journal itself by going to a particular date and pinning your desired image as the day photo. Then, return to the photo book and refresh the Calendar page layout for that month to see the change reflected. 

Once you have submitted your new Photo Book, your order is sent directly to the printer and we cannot make any changes at this point. We know how important it is that people receive their orders and gifts as quickly as possible, and because of this, there is no lag time between an order submitted and sent to the printer for production! Be sure to review your book thoroughly before you finish the payment process to ensure your book is exactly as you like it!

Your Tinybeans Photo Book will be shipped with love via USPS or FedEx depending on your location.

Our Photo Books are printed and shipped from the US. It takes 4 business days for our print partners to process, print and check quality your book’s quality. Then, shipping takes 3-7 business days domestically in the US, and 7-28 business days internationally.

We are happy to announce that Photo Book orders for our Tinybeans subscribers ship for FREE to all U.S. addresses. 

If you are not a subscriber or need to ship outside the U.S., shipping is just one flat fee! The cost per book is $5 in the US or $10 for all international countries. If you order multiple books in one order, the shipping cost is only $2 for each additional book added to your order!

If you prefer to subscribe before your purchase, please see our pricing and plan details here.

*All prices are in USD. These prices do not include customs charges, which are not calculated by us or our print partners, and can be charged at the discretion of the country of destination.

If you’d like to continue working on a drafted photo book or would like to order another copy of a previously purchased book, you can do so from your account via our website. From the calendar view, click the settings cog (three horizontal lines up top) and then select Photo Books. Choose Start a Photo Book from the next page, and you’ll be directed to your drafts and previously ordered books.

If you are signed into your account, you can also access directly at this link: Albums

To best keep your Photo Books a surprise for your loved ones, Photo Books that you create are only visible to you. This way, you can create and order books for your journal followers as gifts and keep them a secret!

You can view our return policy in full here: https://tinybeans.com/return-policy.html

Please reach out to us at info@tinybeans.com and we will be sure to answer as soon as we can!