This Mom’s Laundry Christmas Tree Hack Is Pure Genius

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If you didn’t catch Australian mum, Jessie Roberts’ Christmas tree laundry hack on Instagram last year, you’ve got another chance!

Last year the ever-Instagramming mommy (or rather, mummy) of three posted the hilariously genius pic with the caption, “The best way to avoid doing the washing, turn it into a Christmas tree. It’s free. I’ll wash this after Christmas or maybe the “elf on the shelf” can help me.”

With Christmas just over a month away, Roberts re-posted the now-beloved hack, adding, “Last years Christmas tree.”

Roberts continued, “We [were] going away for 2 weeks and I couldn’t and didn’t have time to do the washing… so Like any creative person… I improvise.”

Forget about those pricey faux firs. This layered laundry tree is what we all really need!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jessie Roberts via Instagram 



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