My Funny Valentine: Poems, Riddles & Gifts That’ll Make You LOL

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Sometimes Valentine’s Day isn’t always all hugs and kisses. If you’re looking to pepper February 14 with a bit of comedy, you’ll find these poems, riddles and gifts right up your alley. Read on for ways to seriously tickle your funny bone.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…
Your kids have mastered the art of brutal honesty. Click here to read 10 hilarious and honest Valentine’s Day poems we just can’t get enough of. Got one of your own to share? Send it to our editor (Editor AT and we’ll add yours to the story.





Riddle Me This
Start your day off with a good laugh. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day riddles to tickle your funny bone. Write them onto love notes for your kiddos to find throughout the day or host a comedy show for family date night.


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When All You Wanted Was a Box of Chocolates
Have you ever received a Valentine’s Day gift that made you cringe inside? Take a peek at these gifts so awful they’re (kinda) funny.


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Got any funny cards, riddles or gifts to share? Leave us a comment below!

— Erin Lem

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