Google’s Internet Safety Classes Are Now Teaching Kids How to Spot Fake News

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Growing up in a digital world means a whole new set of hurdles to teach kids to navigate. Google has been helping kids learn about internet safety with its Be Internet Awesome curriculum and now it’s getting an expansion to teach young internet surfers how to spot false content.

The new course offers kids six activities on media literacy that will help them develop skills, like how to avoid phishing attacks, how to evaluate sources and how to recognize fake URLs.

“We need the right tools and resources to help kids make the most of technology, and while good digital safety and citizenship resources exist for families, more can be done for media literacy,” writes educator and founder Amy Mascott, in a post on Google’s blog today. “I’ve worked alongside dozens of educators who believe that media literacy is essential to safety and citizenship in the digital age, but agree that it’s a topic that can be tough to cover.”

Google is offering the new curriculum online for free, which teachers can access for use in the classroom and families can use at home as well. The courses are offered in English, Spanish and six other languages. You can check out all the Be Internet Awesome offerings here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Bruce Mars via Pexels



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