Lick-or-Treat! Pet Costumes Just in Time for Howl-oween

Don’t leave your furry (or feathery) family members out of all the Halloween fun! We’ve got all the best pet costumes right here.

We made sure the kiddos’ Halloween costumes covered, and have parents taken care of, too. Now we’re onto furbabies! We can’t forget our precious pets, especially since all they want is to be included (even though they didn’t technically ask to be dressed up). These Halloween pet costumes are some of the best we’ve seen this year, and we’ve seen a bunch (maybe we look them up in our spare time just for a mood-booster…).

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It’s Lick-or-Treat Season and we’re celebrating! (We definitely don’t recommend costumes for pets who get upset, anxious, or uncomfortable. We want them to be as happy as they make us! If you’ve made sure your furry friend is comfy dressing up, keep reading!)

Elephant Booty Suit

Dog wearing an elephant bodysuit

As if their tails could get any cuter, this hilarious take on an elephant also means they don't have anything over their heads or faces. This one is a tusk have.

Elephant Booty Suit ($20) Here

BarkBoxed Franzia Wine Costume

Dog wearing a Franzia boxed wine costume

Ah, yes. A full and furry-bodied red is perfect for the season. Keep it classy with an easy velcro closure and included spout, er, snout.

BarkBoxed Franzia Wine Costume ($20) Here

Mythical Mutt

black and grey dog wearing a unicorn horn and wings

We weren't fully prepared for this level of majesty, but the wing and horn unicorn set can also double as dog toys (not that they weren't going to, anyway)!

Mythical Mutt Costume ($14.99) Here

Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast dog costumes

It's a tail as old as time. The story of the Beast and Princess Belle gets an upgrade in the most adorable way! 

Belle Costume (starting at $29.99) Here

Beast Costume (starting at $34.99) Here


He's a bit mischievous, maybe a bit of a prankster, and you can't help but love him. The wig really is the icing on the K-9 cake!

Beetlejuice Costume (starting at $24.99) Here

Winifred Sanderson

Dog wearing Winifred Sanderson costume

We've never minded a bunch of Hocus Pocus! If your dog is already a pro at casting smells, this is the costume for her!

Winifred Sanderson Costume ($31.95) Here

Monster Dog and Cat Costume

cat and dog in monster costumes

Hairy? Yes. Scary? Not so much (and we like it that way!). This sweet and silly monster costume even has a matching kiddo costume (sold separately)!

Monster Dog and Cat Costume ($12.99) Here

Toddler Monster Candy Pouch Halloween Costume ($25.00) Here


dog in caterpillar

Creepy and crawly may not describe your pet, but very hungry just might! This caterpillar costume is one they can relate to.

Caterpillar Costume ($48.35) Here


Taco Dog and Cat

dog and cat wearing taco costume

Give them something to taco 'bout in this easy and fun pet costume! It even includes toppings because of course.

Taco Dog and Cat Costume ($13.00) Here

Pumpkin Pet Johns

If you'd rather skip a full costume, these pumpkin pet johns from Hanna Anderson's matching family pajamas collection are such an adorable alternative!

Pumpkin Pet Johns (starting at $17) Here

Family Matching Pumpkin Pajamas (starting at $17) Here

Pumpkin Microfleece Costume Hoodie for Pets

dog wearing a pumpkin fleece hoodie

Another great option that isn't a full costume and matches the fam! We're loving this one since it also keeps our waggers warm in the fall. 

Pumpkin Microfleece Costume Hoodie for Pets ($16.00) Here

Family Matching Jack-o'-Lantern One-Piece Costume ($46.00) Here


Starbarks Barista Apron

Even if they're not puppuccino fiends, this barkrista (sorry, we couldn't resist) apron is one of our favorites. As a bonus, it goes really well with family costume themes

Starbarks Barista Apron Costume ($14.99) Here

Vampire Pet Costume

Adorn your Catula in this hilarious vampire costume. We have to say, it's the bowler hat for us.

Vampire Pet Costume ($12.95) Here

Dragon Guinea Pig

guinea pig wearing a dragon costume

What, you thought we were going to leave your Guinea Pig out? Give them wings in this darling dragon costume!

Dragon Guinea Pig Costume ($12.99) Here


bird wearing frog costume

Flying frogs are probably a thing, right? We didn't actually look it up, but this frog bird costume is epic!

Frog Bird Costume ($11.99) Here

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