Wait until you see the “Peter Pan” family costume!

If you start now, it’s easy to coordinate an awesome family Halloween costume that will earn you tons of compliments from fellow trick-or-treaters. From Scooby-Do-themed get-ups to Star Wars family costumes, there are plenty of great ways to dress up your brood this year. For parents who prefer to be a bit more behind-the-scenes, we’ve also got the most popular Halloween costumes for kids in 2022, baby Halloween costumes you can DIY with a onesie, and cardboard box Halloween costumes (because what else were you going to do with those Amazon boxes?)

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Movie Theater Snack Costume

If there’s anything we can agree on, it’s that going to the movies hits differently when snacks are involved. This fun family costume takes everyone’s favorite movie theater snacks to the next level.

Mary Poppins Family Halloween Costume

This fun family costume idea could go so many ways. You could have chimney sweeps, more penguins, the Banks children, and more!

Scooby Do Family Costume

How adorable is this family costume idea? Be sure to save your big Amazon box to make your own Mystery Machine.

Cruella Family Halloween Costume

While we wait for the sequel, how about this fabulous take on one of Disney’s most iconic villains?

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Hocus Pocus Family Halloween Costume

With the sequel coming out at the end of Sept., we have a feeling there’ll be a lot of Sanderson Sister action this year.

Greek Gods and Goddesses Costume

We are blinded by the fabulousness of this costume idea from Tell Love and Party.

Pot of Gold Costume

Good as gold! We give the green light to the striped stockings and big green hats that make these lucky little ones ready for trick-or-treating. Create a rainbow and add gold coins to a shirt, and you’ve got an adorable leprechaun family Halloween costume idea.

’80s-Themed Costume

When it comes to Halloween when in doubt, go all ’80s.

Star Wars Family Halloween Costume

The trick to this Star Wars-themed family costume is Queen Amidala‘s makeup. The rest is easily found on Amazon, like this Princess Leia, this Luke Skywalker, and this Darth Vader costume.

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Harry Potter Family Costume


If you have a little muggle in the house, then a family Harry Potter costume theme makes for the perfect fit!

Baby Shark Family Halloween Costume

We love DIY costumes and give a wave of approval for this adorable shark family. You and your herd of fish will be sure to see grins on fellow trick-or-treaters.

Big Bad Wolf and the 3 Little Pigs Costume

Are any of you parents of multiples? This fabulous take on the classic children’s story is a genius idea for Halloween.

Where’s Waldo Family Costume

Where's Waldo family Halloween costume
Say Yes

The search is over! We spotted this ultra-coordinated family costume over at Say Yes. It's easy to pull together from items likely already in your closet.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys Costume

Peter Pan family Halloween costume
A Beautiful Mess

We're clapping our hands for these whimsical costumes featuring Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. Grab a little pixie dust and fly over to A Beautiful Mess for a closer look at the costumes. It's easy to re-create if you just believe! You can even make your pixie dust by clicking here.

Family Weather Costume

Studio DIY

We love the idea of your kid being the rainbow in between the sunshine and rain! Find out how to make your own version over at Studio DIY

Wreck-It-Ralph Family Costume

Wreck-it-Ralph Family halloween costume
See Vanessa Craft

How cute is this Wreck-It-Ralph group costume idea? We love how a lot of these costumes might be laying around your house. Head over to See Vanessa Craft for the tutorials for each costume. 

Labyrinth Family Costume

Brit Co

Fulfill all your Goblin King dreams with this awesome family costume. Sarah, Jareth, and baby Toby complete this perfect trio of a costume. Find out how it's done over at Brit + Co

Monster Family Halloween Costume

Tell Love and Party

Few things say Halloween more than Creatures of the Night. You'll find all the how-tos and close-ups of the spooktacular makeup at Tell Love and Party featuring Frankenstein, his bride, a mini mummy, and a baby bat.

The Sandlot Family Costume

Chris Loves Julia

The family behind Chris Loves Julia took this awesome film-themed photo for the invitation to their annual costume bash. A flashback to a favorite childhood movie, the kids may not be familiar with The Sandlot, but they'll love the fun summery costumes.


A League of Their Own Group Costume

A League of Their Own Family Halloween Costume
Pretty Plain Janes

Complete with a ballpark candy vendor, the family behind Pretty Plain Janes hit a home run with this movie-themed group costume.  





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