Live vicariously through these crafty parents (and get a little inspiration if you are one!)

Before the days when your kid breaks your brain with three last-minute Halloween costume changes, parents enjoy a simpler time—one where you can dress your baby in any costume you want. And oh the cuteness! Some parents take these looks to the next level by building elaborate stroller costumes that turn their little’s rides into everything from bulldozers to rocket ships, which is particularly convenient if you have a big sibling with more stamina going door to door. While we don’t all have the energy to partake, they’re super fun to look at, so we’ve gathered the best Halloween stroller costumes for your viewing pleasure.


She may be too young to play with her big sis’s Shopkins, but this babe sure looks adorable dressed as one! Her expression may say SOS, but her stroller is pure Halloween genius.

Top Gun

This pilot feels the need…the need for speed! His parents went all out to give their little Maverick a couple of wings to fly.

Skid Steer

How cute (and well-constructed) is this stroller skid steer? We’re floored. And you know this toddler is definitely feeling themself sitting pretty next to a real-life bulldozer.

Buzz Lightyear

To infinity and beyond…or at least around the block. Either way, little Buzz and his glowing rocketship are sure to light up the neighborhood.


Make some space on the sidewalk for NASA’s newest member, Squeal Armstrong. He’s clearly over the moon to be riding in a sweet stroller rocketship.

The Claw

This is a legendary Halloween stroller costume and we are obsessed! Extra points to the sleepy little bebe who took a nap while riding in The Claw.

Bubble Bath

Splish splash! A double stroller transformed into a very bubbly bath thanks to lots of balls, a precious little rubber duckie, and a fluffy purple loofah. The best part? No water all over your bathroom floor.


Is there a doctor in the house? With this mini MD patrolling the ‘hood you’re sure to have a smooth Halloween eve. Her beaming smile is a salve for whatever ails ya.

Jungle Cruise

This family nailed their Jungle Cruise costume. We bet they’re cruising the streets looking for an ancient candy that can heal the world.


This little dragon master seems blissfully unaware that he’s quite literally in the belly of the beast. We love how this costume transformed a simple umbrella stroller into something vibrant and exciting.


Another simple yet sweet option for a hot climate, we love this wee ladybug!

Pirate Ship

Arrrrr you coming trick-or-treating? This pirate ship blew our minds! Hope no one has to walk the plank on Halloween night.

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