This Mom’s Viral Cartoons about Modern Motherhood Are All Too True

Sometimes it can be hard to put into words exactly what the experience of parenting is really like—thankfully a picture, or in this case a drawing, is worth a thousand words—and then some. Helene Weston’s parenting illustrations are truly all of us on this crazy rollercoaster ride we call parenthood.

Artist Helene Weston is mom to a four-year-old girl, so she’s pretty familiar with the challenges of living with young kids. In her spare time, she likes to put her creativity to work documenting her life as a mom with some hilarious and totally relatable drawings.

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“I’ve always loved drawing and painting, so on my days off work I try to ignore all the housework that needs doing and be creative,” Weston told HuffPost.

Weston began posting her drawings on Instagram and quickly garnered a following of moms who found them to be all too relatable.“Some say that my little illustrations have entertained them whilst doing the 3 a.m. feed, which is brilliant to hear!” she said.

Weston is ecstatic about the positive feedback she’s received and hopes that drawings resonate with more moms.“I just hope my illustrations make them realize that they’re not alone on this crazy parenting rollercoaster, that parenting is bloody hard and that it’s okay to admit it,” the mom added. “And also if your kids drive you batsh*t crazy and you hate Play-Doh, that’s fine too!”

Check out more of Weston’s awesome artwork on Instagram here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Helene Weston via Instagram



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