Another school year has flown by and your kids are jumping for joy it’s summer. But don’t close the book on their education over the break just yet—we’ve got the secret to keeping them learning in a way that’s so engaging, they won’t even know they’re being schooled. Highlights’ Summer Big Fun Workbooks feature 144 full-color pages of puzzles, humor and whimsical illustrations that create an educational journey for kids. Read on for the details on this season’s must-have dose of brainpower that is designed to span the entire summer.

Hello Summer, Goodbye Summer Slide

You’ve heard the saying, “use it or lose it.” This applies to your kid’s noggin full of knowledge over the school break too. Did you know that summer slide can cause your child to lose two months of reading skills and 2 1/2 months of math skills, or that 9 out of 10 teachers have to re-teach lessons in the fall to get students caught up?

Highlights’ Summer Big Fun Workbooks prevent summer slide in a twofold manner. Not only do these terrific tomes help kids retain the information they’ve already learned by allowing them to continuously hone their skills, they also prepare them with a head start for the next grade level. Keeping them learning all summer makes the transition back to school easier for kids and parents.

Book Smart

Highlights has provided “Fun with a Purpose” content for over seventy years and they have a proven track record of creating learning materials that kids view as a treat to use. You won’t have to badger your kid to put on his or her thinking cap this summer because Highlights makes it as effortless to dive into learning as doing a cannonball into the swimming pool! You can also kiss those “I’m Bored” blues goodbye, because kids think the activities in these workbooks are entertaining games as opposed to schoolwork. Each page is a new adventure waiting to be explored.

Highlights Learning books are created in collaboration with educational experts, making them both engaging and effective. Summer Big Fun Workbooks are available for kids entering kindergarten, first and second grades: Bridging Grades P&K, Bridging Grades K&1 and Bridging Grades 1&2 all include an interactive progress map, a certificate of completion, simple ways to extend learning through fun outdoor activities and tips for parents to guide their kids during their summertime learning.

All-in-One Learning That’s F-U-N

Highlights’ Summer Big Fun Workbooks are super convenient because their comprehensive approach to learning a variety of subjects means there’s no need to fuss with multiple books or remember a bunch of computer program passwords.

The activity-rich workbooks include an array of curriculum based content appropriate for each age level. Students will blossom by practicing the alphabet, learning sight words, vowels and consonants, colors, shapes and numbers, addition and subtraction, sequencing and science. The Bridging Grades 1&2 workbook teaches more advanced skills including cursive writing, syllables, punctuation, fractions, measuring, regrouping, parts of speech, time and much more.

Cute, personable animals and friendly characters practically leap off the page to guide kids on their journey to complete these workbooks. They’ll love helping ‘Freddy’ the frog hop to 100 by filling in each number on a chart or figuring out all of the different shapes that ‘Cam’ and ‘Carly’ see at the beach. Older kids will enjoy solving baseball riddles using their math skills or venturing into the outdoors to collect data to make their own tree journal.

Equipping your kids with a Summer Big Fun Workbook is the smartest no-brainer you’ll make as a parent!

Where to Buy Highlights’ Summer Big Fun Workbooks

Summer Big Fun Workbooks are available at national book chains and on the Highlights website.

––Beth Shea

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