How Spring is a Tool for Mindfulness for Our Children… and Ourselves

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And suddenly, in a flash, that stress is gone.

Oh, I love this time of year. The blossoms are coming, there are buds on the trees and that past frustration and stress of my son being stuck in the house with winter blues were forgotten with the first bird chirp.

Seasons affect us so much more than we give them credit for. Cloudy days make our head foggy as well as the sky. The cold seeps into our bones and for children, oh my goodness. Whoever thought children and winter go together like ham and eggs never lived in the east where mittens get damp too quickly and after an hour of getting everyone bundled up, they are back in the house after 10 minutes in the wet snow.

My son has been cooped up too long this winter. As a homeschooled boy, with work-at- home parents and two sisters who decided to start their own stop motion business creating videos for youtube, he felt aimless. It felt like everyone locked themselves away and he didn’t know where he fit in.

But then… the sun shone, the birds sang, little sprouts sprang up from the ground and our children emerged, back to life and vibrant. My son ran out the door and into his garden, clearing the way and preparing for plants. For the last few days I’ve watched as all three kids have played together again, daughters photographing and lounging outside and their brother exploring along beside them with his dog and cat. Everyone is engaging and sharing. Easter crafts are taking place in the greenhouse at the moment and I feel my own inner work releasing itself to the power of the sun.

Ten years ago we bought our homestead farm and I have to admit sometimes I’ve wondered why. We’re far away from everything, the land is bumpy, the house is a fixer-upper; but then spring comes.

I’m always reminded what life is about when that first spring breaks.

We bought this place because we wanted to pass on to our children the magic of the world. We wanted them to know that life is full of wellbeing and to build an awareness of the world, of nature and of the unseen. We wanted them to have an excitement over each bud on the trees and not just ride past them without noticing.

There truly is magic everywhere.

Last week, our land was covered in over a foot of snow. Yesterday I raked up some dead leaves to reveal plants trying to find their way to the sun. Sure, scientifically we can break it all down, but the question of how always thrills me. How do they know and how is it orchestrated? The stirring of life under the snow-covered ground, the unrevealed potential under the cloud of unknowing… ohhhh…. doesn’t it excite you?

My children are excited for Easter. Our celebration of that life force, which re-emerges after the appearance of death. (take that interpretation as deep as you wish.) There is magic, wellbeing and life everywhere around us.

They are decorating posters with eggs and flowers. We’re blowing our morning eggs rather than cracking them, piling them high for Saturday’s egg decorating event. The chickens worked hard to create those eggs, so it’s important not to just waste them and the children are happy to not have to throw them out after Easter, as they won’t start to stink. We’re cleaning outside, enjoying the blast of vitamin D, and mostly, I’m taking the time to truly feel appreciation for this moment in time.

From scattered all over the house, my children are playing and laughing together. My husband is happy to be outside in the sun and I feel myself sink into this moment. I can get caught up in the hows about homeschooling or the processes of work, I can over think and plan the future. But with the break of Spring I know I’ve arrived. Today is here and it’s time to appreciate.

I hope your Easter is full of new flower buds, and a cheerful bird song. I hope the sky is blue and the smell of spring tingles your nose and fills your soul. Today is here. The Present is a gift. And we are only living present and mindfully when we appreciate this moment in time.

Christina Fletcher
Tinybeans Voices Contributor

Spiritually Aware Parenting coach and author, but most importantly, a happy mom and blissful wife. Christina loves to find ways of living aware within the exciting chaos of family living.  Christina homeschools her three children and together they love to play, travel and adventure, while she writes, creates and coaches.

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