How to Move Your Family into an Italian Castle for Free

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If you’ve ever felt the urge to just pick up your family and move someplace half way around the world, you might finally have your chance. Italy is giving away historic properties, including a few castles, to prospective new residents for the price of absolutely nothing. There’s no better time to make your princess-obsessed tot’s dreams come true and move your family into a castle.

A total of 103 different sites located across Italy, mostly in off-the-beaten path areas, are up for grabs from the State Property Agency if your plan is right. While the price for these historic buildings is free to their new occupants, there is one major string attached. If you sign on the dotted line for a castle to call home, you have to commit to restoring it and turning into a tourist spot, like a charming B&B.

Interested parties need to present well-developed plans in order to be considered. Those accepted would secure the property rights for at least nine years. While playing princess might not be a great business plan, for an entrepreneurial family a life running a restaurant or hotel in a remote Italian town could still be a dream come true.

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