Alexa, Shhh! The Baby’s Sleeping

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Sometimes you just need to ask Alexa a simple question, but maybe you didn’t realize your kiddo cranked up the volume, only to be met with a deafening response. Do you know how to turn on Alexa’s Whisper mode? If not, listen closely—or rather, read on, for the answer.

When it comes to Amazon Alexa, the helpful AI can get pretty loud, especially on some of the higher-end Alexa-enabled devices. Thankfully, the genius whisper mode setting that Amazon announced in September is finally here! That means the days of Alexa loudly answering back “OKAY!” are gone. Forget about the voice assistant causing mid-nap crying jags (um, we mean you—when Alexa wakes up your finally-sleeping baby) with this new mode.

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How does whisper mode work? To start with, you have to enable it. It’s actually so easy to enable, you can actually ask Alexa to do the work for you: you can say, “Alexa, enable Whisper mode” or “Alexa, turn on Whisper mode” to activate the mode. (Say, “disable” or “turn off Whisper mode” to turn it off.)

If your baby’s already napping and you can’t risk waking up your tot, you can also go to the Alexa app on your phone, click on Settings. Next, go to Alexa Account, then Alexa Voice Responses and finally tap Whispered Responses. That’s it! You’re in whisper mode.

—Erica Loop




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