When it comes to pantry organization, there are few hard and fast rules to follow, like group like items together, clean out expired products regularly and place the most often used items within reach. But if you want to really level up your pantry storage and make it the most efficient space ever, you’ve got to try these storage hacks. It may just become your favorite area in the house!

Pantry Storage Hack #1: Use Clear Containers

Experts unanimously agree—if there is one pantry storage hack you must do to make your life better (and not just for aesthetics), it's to take everything you can out of the box, put it into clear jars or containers, and label them. The choice of container is up to you, whether you prefer glass canisters for a more farm-style look or a more modern, minimalistic take, but the real reason to do institute this change? As gross as it sounds, this is the best way to avoid bug infestations—you can easily see if there's a problem in your flour, sugar, oats or pancake mix without contaminating your whole pantry.

Pro Tip: Look for wide-mouth jars so the goods are easy to get and ones with lids that have a seal.

Buy glass canisters here.

Buy OXO Pop-Up containers here.

Pantry Storage Hack #2: Use Lazy Susans

One of our favorite pantry organization hacks of all time is adding a lazy Susan (or two or three) to pantry shelves. Not only does this little spinner save space, but bottles also won't get lost in the back corner, and the handy handles make carrying it in and out of the pantry easy peasy.

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Pantry Storage Hack #3: Install Colorful Wallpaper

Organizing pantry storage starts with pulling everything out, throwing out expired products, donating any non-perishables you know you aren't going to use and wiping down the shelves. But before you put everything back (in an organized manner, of course), why not add a cheerful wallpaper to the walls? What is typically a dark, uninviting space is now fun, bright and welcoming.

While this wallpaper is out of stock, we love these peel and stick options from Etsy.

Buy it here, $33 & up.

Pantry Storage Hack #4: Install Lighting

Sometimes, not even a bright colorful wallpaper can help a dark space. If that's the case, you can easily install lighting (no electrician required!) with motion-sensor, battery-operated LED lights that will brighten all those shadowy corners in less than ten minutes.

Buy it here, $55.

Pantry Storage Hack #5: Repurpose Magazine Holders

File this under "Brilliant." These wire magazine holders have been reimagined as produce containers! The wire frame allows sufficient airflow to keep veggies from rotting, and the depth of the magazine racks was designed to fit on shelves. 

Buy it here, $13.

Pantry Storage Hack #6: Contain Items in Baskets

For larger items that are hard to contain (we're looking at you, bags and bags of Pirate Booty), or items you don't need access to all that often (food processor parts), add a couple of baskets with handles to the shelves. These beauties also stack, so if your shelf height allows it, you can add a few on top of each other—just add labels, so you know what's inside without having to pull each of them down to sort through them.

Buy it here, $54 & up.

Pantry Storage Hack #7: Spice Space Saver

Got a thing for spice? We do too, which is why this clever spice rack is by far one of the best pantry organization hacks we've seen yet. Take advantage of the inside of your cabinet by installing narrow shelves and magnetic plates to keep all your flavors handy yet out of the way. Pro Tip: Make sure to install the racks so they don't run into the shelves on the inside cabinet.

Buy it here, $15.

Pantry Storage Hack #8: Canned Food Containment

pantry hacks

Cans may stack easily, but there's nothing worse than trying to get to the bottom can by having to move all the other cans first. This 36-can organizer eliminates that problem and keeps the cans rolling from back to front as you use them. Group like items together, and you'll never get caught without black beans, corn or peas again. 

Buy it here, $33.

Pantry Storage Hack #9: Door Storage

pantry hack

Another great use of unused cabinet door space? Acrylic storage bins that can hold awkward-shaped items you need to access regularly like aluminum foil and sandwich baggies.

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—Andie Huber


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