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Stuffed animals falling off shelves, superheroes poking you behind pillows and LEGO bricks underfoot (ouch!): if your house is anything like ours, its total toy chaos. But rather than resign yourself to a house of disorder, we’ve rounded up the best, most clever storage solutions that are all but guaranteed to work organizational wonders for the toys and gear growing like gremlins. So whether your house is being overtaken by art supplies or a precarious stack of board games, we have a solution for you!

Best Toy Storage Solution for Stuffies

best toy storage hacks
OllieLoopsMe via Etsy

Problem: A hoard of stuffed animals is crowding your kid out of their bed.

Solution: Stuffed animals have a tendency to multiply quicker than rabbits. Take advantage of an unused corner by storing toys in a hanging hammock. Now your little one will have a space on the bed to put their second, third, and fourth-best lovey. If you know how to crochet, you can also make your own.

To buy: OlliesLoopsMe via Etsy, $34

Best Toy Storage Solution for Jumbled Messes

Made by Sunni

Problem: The toys are jumbled together in one bin and no one can find the item they want.

Solution: Snag storage containers with individual bins, like IKEA’s Trofast system, but take it to the next level by labeling each one so there’s no confusion as to where each toy goes when playtime is over—making it super easy to find the toy they really want when it’s time to play again. Snag a custom set of vinyl labels from Made by Sunni—they’re not only well-made, the pictures make it easy for pre-readers to know out what goes where.

To buy: IKEA, $35 & up

Best Toy Storage Solution for LEGOs

toy storage hacks
Swoop Bags

Problem: Too many LEGO sets, not enough time to sort them all.

Solution: We know that even the best laid out LEGO storage system is no match for a kid who is asked to put their LEGOs away. It’s hard to keep bricks color-coded or grouped by type—eventually—everything winds up mixed all together. Make it easy on yourself (and your kids) by ordering a few Swoop Bags. These bags have a six-inch edge to help contain small pieces, come in small, medium, or large (they’re big enough to play with those LEGOs inside the bag), and you can choose between all sorts of fun colors. It’s a storage and carryall solution (thanks to the handy pull-cord that doubles as a carrying strap) in one! 

To buy: Swoop Bags, $54 & up

Best Toy Storage Solution for the Recycler

Hello Wonderful

Problem: You don’t want to buy yet another storage container. 

Solution: Make your own toy storage out of paper bags. We love this cute DIY storage bag from Hello Wonderful because it’s easy to make, practically free and it makes a one-stop spot for loose toys. All you need is a few paper bags and paint.

Best Toy Storage Solution for Artists

best ways to store kid's toys

Problem: Your Picasso-in-training can’t find their favorite colored pencil when they need it.

Solution: Pencils and markers rolling all over the place? Set up an artist station with a lazy Susan carousel. This one comes with removable storage spots (art on the go!) that can also pull double duty as craft central: think puff balls, paintbrushes and paints. There’s (finally) have a home for every sharpened pencil, animal-shaped eraser, gel and glitter marker set and more. 

To buy: Amazon, $31

Best Toy Storage Solution for (Outgrown) Stuffed Animals


Problem: Your kid has outgrown their loveys on display but isn’t ready to donate them.

Solution: All those stuffed animals are turning into monster-sized dust bunnies and while your kid is old enough to not (really) need them, they’re too young to want to get rid of them. To make everyone happy, fill this storage-cum-bean bag by Posh Creations for an extra cuddly (and dust-free) spot to sit.

To buy: Amazon, $28

Best Toy Storage Solutions for Board Games

clever toy storage for kid's rooms
Money Saving Sisters

Problem: Flimsy cardboard puzzle boxes lead to lost and mismatched pieces while stacks of board games stuffed in a cupboard end up never being used.

Solution: Enlist the help of a hanging closet organizer. Not just for clothes—it can be repurposed as the ultimate board game and puzzle organizer—they’re in the box, they’re off the floor, easy to access and they’re easy to sort through. 

To buy: Amazon, $30

Best Toy Storage Solution for Bunk Beds & Cramped Bed Space

clever storage solutions

Problem: Bedtime buddies and books don’t have any place to go when it’s time to sleep.

Solution: You know better than to suggest your little ones drop extra loveys and books onto the floor to make some space to sleep which is why this solution is what you both need—easy to access pockets to stuff those stuffies and books while making room for a full night’s sleep (finger’s crossed!). This genius storage solution is even more clutch when you have an awesome bunk bed or loft bed situation. 

To buy: Walmart, $15


Best Toy Storage Solution for Collections


Problem: Barbie, Ken and friends are all looking for a place to crash.

Solution: Your kid will be able to locate Black Panther, Ironman or Barbie and friends in no time thanks to this toy storage idea that repurposes an over-the-door shoe organizer. And when the door’s open, these guys and gals are out of sight, out of mind.

To buy: Amazon, $36

Best Toy Storage Solution for Awkward Spaces

clever toy storage ideas for kid's room
Chris Loves Julia

Problem: Your home has an awkward nook, cranny or closet and it’s hampering any creative toy storage solutions.

Solution: Lean-into the awkward spot and use it to your advantage. Build-out the space ala Chris Loves Julia and turn that sore-decor spot in an extra special space with a built-in play house that can also house those stacks of toys behind closed doors. 

For the indoor playhouse how-to:

Best Toy Storage Solution for Book Fanatics

clever storage solutions for kid's room
Project Nursey

Problem: Your kid’s reading obsession (while great) is bordering on book hoarding.

Solution: Take advantage of walls by installing rows of ledges so your little bibliophile will have access to all their favorites. Project Nursery’s version uses 2 x 4 pine wood and crown molding, purchased at Home Depot. 

For the floor-to-ceiling book shelf how-to:

—Oz Spies, Allison Sutcliffe & Andie Huber


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