Meghan Markle’s Instagram Reappeared Online—But Only for an Instant

If you were paying close attention on social media recently, you may have noticed that Meghan Markle’s Instagram account suddenly reactivated. The Duchess of Sussex used to be on Instagram, but has deleted her social media accounts. So what’s the deal with Markle’s Insta-appearance?

Apparently it wasn’t a planned event. Sadly, the Duchess of Sussex did not purposefully decide to reappear on social media. Even though the soon-to-be mama may appear to buck some royal traditions (she recently was seen wearing dark nail polish—which is a royal no-no), it doesn’t look like she’s snubbing social media protocol.

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Technically, the “no personal social media use” isn’t an absolute rule for Markle. But the Duchess did make the decision—on her own—to follow the the lead of other royals and delete her Instagram, Twitter and all the other social media platforms.

While Kensington Palace has yet to comment on this IG mishap, the magical reappearance is reportedly due to a technical glitch. Yep. A glitch. Anyone who caught a glimpse of Markle’s IG page during the recent system flub probably noticed something odd—there were no new posts.

That’s right. When the page reactivated it went right back to where it was prior to Markle removing it. That means there were no new pics, including of her wedding to Prince Harry, her baby bump, or anything else that’s happened recently.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Kensington Palace via Instagram 



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